Friday, February 13, 2004

10pm Pacific: OK, I've plopped my ass back down in Empire $.5/$1 Omaha, playing my own bizarre, semi-tight rules... I probably won't play more than an hour, wifey is watching "Under the Tuscan Sun". Parenthetically, I'd have to say that Diane Lane is one of the best actresses at simulating sex I have ever seen. That is, of course, assuming that she isn't actually having sex on screen, which is a distinct possibility.

Anyway, the poker playing wags at Empire are in full force. I hope to reach +$10BB in this session. I overslowplayed a nut straight, hoping someone else would represent with QJT on board, but it got checked around. I still pulled $12 for the hand, but missed an additional $3 I could've made after the flop. Guys are playing the exact hands I reject: baby pairs and gutshots, so I should be able to hook a few $10 pots with a little patience. Limit Omaha is much better for my discipline, since the NUTS are pretty clear (even if others don't seem to see when they are beaten). Definitely good for a grind like me.

My latest obsession is WhatIfSports, where I have baseball, basketball, and hockey teams. You draft historical players under a salary cap, and you're placed in a league with 23 other teams. You make waiver pickups and minor league deals and it's terribly addictive. Games are simulated two or three times a day and you find yourself clicking over continuously to check if the latest box score is up. My teams suck, mainly because I don't know what stats are key or better to emphasize when building my team, but I expect to drop a lot more money into this to learn how to build a better team.

Update: 1040pm, up only 3BB so far. Under the Tuscan Sun is almost over. Boy, boring chick flick.

Update: 1055pm, up a whopping $1.75. Woo hoo. Got to +8BB for awhile, but got whittled down. Gotta check my WhatIfSports teams now...


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