Thursday, May 27, 2004

Well, well, well.... Won a $10+1 OmahaHiLo SnG yesterday to bump my Party bankroll up over $180. Followed my rules (see yesterday's post) almost to the letter, only varying once it got down to five players. I was actually shortstacked when it got to four players, hovering around 500 chips with two guys around 650 and the chip leader way up in the 6200 range. Luckily, he was an incompetent bully and failed to push anyone out of borderline pots, and enabled me to build back up to 1150 by the time we went to three hands, and 2200 by the time I busted the third placer.

After pushing about five hands at 200/400, I doubled up and took the chip lead after limping and calling with a flopped boat (tough to call it a slowplay with only two players) until I finally smacked him back on the turn to go all-in. The very next hand I had AAJ9 with three spades and began to ram and jam (i didn't want him fishing for a split with low cards). He raised me back multiple times until he was all-in PREFLOP. I was liking my odds pretty good at this point, and sure enough, the board whiffed both of us (he had crap anyway), and I took the $50.

Omaha seems to have a higher EV than Hold'Em, possibly because of the glut of NLHE literature out there, and the allure and glamour of the WPT and WSOP being televised. I think NLHE play has elevated recently, with much less dead money at the tables. Omaha has very very few serious players, and many Hold'Em players seem to be dabbling a bit without knowing the nuances of playing a substantially more complex game. Lots of people are playing KKxx with stuff like AJ9 on board. Listen, if there are four people in the pot, at least one of them has an ACE and you're an odds-on LOSER!!! It's almost like they don't realize that everyone has FOUR cards rather than two. Oh well, I like they way they keep paying for their Omaha lessons with me at the table... I will NEVER tell them that they made a dumb play. Never, ever, ever. I have kids to feed.


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