Friday, August 13, 2004

Some quick political thoughts:

· Fighting in a war doesn’t qualify you to be Commander-in-Chief any more than playing in a baseball game qualifies you to be Commissioner. If so, we have 50,000 Vietnam vets that are just as qualified as John Kerry. It’s a shame they didn’t bring their 8mm cameras with them, or they might be leading the ticket now. Funny how those that were willing to overlook Clinton dodging the draft are suddenly gung-ho for war veterans.

· Bush isn’t a great president. He might not even be a good president, but there’s no proof that he’s a liar. The intelligence communities of Great Britain, Russia, and the US all reported that Saddam had WMD. Idiots like Michael Moore and most of Hollywood continue to throw the word “liar” out there like they’re in the 3rd grade… “Liar, liar, polls on fire!” If they simply called him a stubborn, vindictive, unsophisticated administrator, well, then they might have a point. As it is, they’re their own worst enemies my almost making Bush a sympathetic character with their childish name-calling and finger-pointing.

· Now, is it possible that on September 12, Bush called in his intelligence staff and told them “Goddammit, I wanna blow these bastards back to the stone age! Find me a reason!”???? Sure it is, and the CIA/FBI may well have decided “Hey, we have this old report about WMD, we’ll just change the dates and use this.” Could this have happened? Probably.

· IF the Republicans have any brains at all, they would (a) Move Cheney to the Intelligence Czar position, citing health reasons and his lifetime of administrative work in the DOD, (b) Put McCain on the ticket as the VP candidate, countering the Vietnam vet pandering of Kerry AND setting up McCain as the presumptive 2008 candidate (hopefully against Hillary), and (c) Make sure Teresa Kerry has a fully stocked bar at every campaign stop. Will they do it? Sigh. Probably not. But you heard it here first.

· Hollywood liberalism: I have a buddy (who lost in a Congressional primary) that has the perfect answer for why Hollywood is so liberal. “They’re all about MAKE-BELIEVE, they’re not living in the real world.” It’s true when you think about it. They step out of their Bel-Air mansions on the way to their limos and spout how the Democrats are the party of the people. Please. Like they’ve ever installed a garbage disposal or put up drywall… If they really believed the pablum they spout, they’d be living in Compton, and using their $20M per film to pay for new schools and teachers in the inner cities. Instead, they hide in their ivory towers and criticize the very system that made them rich.

· Media liberalism: Face it, the media says what they think people want to hear. And the Democrats are waaaaayyyy more optimistic and idealistic than the Republicans. So the liberal message is much more “happy”: universal health care, social programs for the underprivileged, international amity, stuff like that. If you were the average American (Theory X, for those baby boomers who remember) who is essentially lazy and unmotivated, it’s a pretty attractive theory of government. “Let’s see, I don’t have to work… and the government will pay for my food, housing, and porn with the wages of some guy who is working his butt off. Sounds good to me.” And the media gets paid by how many eyeballs they attract, not by how much truth they tell or ideas they convey. So they’ll always pander to the lowest common denominator…

Whew, that went on longer than I thought, and probably pissed off more than a few people. But, WTF, if I’m here and you’re here, doesn’t that make it OUR time?! And certainly there’s nothing wrong with a little rant on OUR time….


At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing that pissed me off was the lack of proper footnoting Fast Times....



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