Monday, August 02, 2004

I directed a buddy to this blog and he had only one question, "What about the AFC?"... My answer.... "New England and the fifteen dwarfs."

AFC East - The Pats will win at least 12, maybe 14 this year. Nobody in this conference is close to them. The J-E-T-S, jets jets jets will be make the wildcard, mainly because there will be six 8-8 teams in the AFC this year. Buffalo and Miami will win 6-8 games each, depending on their season series. Wannstedt will be fired midseason and begin stalking Ricky Williams at the local cannabis clubs.

AFC South - Indianapolis will win the division easily. Get used to the phrase "Manning is changing the play at the line of scrimmage". Sometimes I think defenses shift just so Manning will get tired flapping his arms around changing the play. Second place will be an interesting battle between sleeper Jacksonville and declining Tennessee. Interesting prop bet, who will get hurt first, Fred Taylor or Steve McNair? Big stats will come from Leftwich as he emerges. Poor David Carr. Houston will be better, but still come in last as he'll continue to take punishment.

AFC Central - Who cares? Seriously, does anyone predict anyone from this division going to the Super Bowl? Baltimore is the only team with a chance to make double digit wins this year, and that's only if Jamal Lewis isn't in leg irons. Cincy would've been better off with Kitna as the starter, and Palmer will lead the AFC in picks. Cleveland will be more exciting on offense, but will have to sweep Cincy to be 8-8. Pittsburgh has the chance to be a real stinker this year. I'm not sure why Cowher gets a new deal just in time to oversee a big decline.

AFC West - Kansas City and Denver will split 20 wins this year, mainly because they have Oakland and San Diego to sweep. Vermeil will cry after a comeback win "I'm so....::choke::: proud of these boys...". Wuss. Denver will realize that 1200-yd backs don't grow out of the dumpster, and they'll have 3 guys with 150+ carries. God, bay area football is going to suck this year. When the key acquisition for a team is Kerry freakin' Collins, you know the Raidahs are in trouble. 5-11. The Chargers will be right around there. LT will be spectacular, Rivers mediocre, defense horrific.

Division winners: New England, Indy, Baltimore, Kansas City
Wildcards: Jets, Denver (and a sleeper pick for Jax IF Fred Taylor plays all 16)

Conference winner : New England [LOCK]


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