Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Did a little review of my September SnG action yesterday. I’m up well over $400 for the month. I was a little confused about how my bankroll got to $1000 based upon my little SnG spreadsheet before I remembered that I have received the following boni from Pacific:
$25 new deposit (25% of original deposit)
$25 special deposit bonus (50% of second deposit, basically a rebuy)
$25 Monty snafu
$50 from referring Jeff (I didn’t even know I would get this)
$10 from Trevor’s winnings
So while I haven’t WON $1000, I’ve have WON almost $800 from my total deposits of $150. Not bad, but I guess my new Pacific bankroll target should be $1285 ($150 deposit + $135 boni + $1000 in actual profit).

Philly phans, consider that “touchdown” from TO to be an omen. Great physical receiver, can get open, can make exciting plays, and drop crucial passes…. All in one play. Lucky the officials were CBS document verification reps and didn’t know that you actually have to have possession of the ball for it to count as a touchdown.

Haven’t seen any comments on Bradford’s unceremonious dismissal from The Apprentice, one of the greatest moments in reality TV history. The reaction from everyone in the room was priceless. Isn't it funny how the Donald doesn’t like arrogant grandstanders…? I guess he doesn’t look in mirrors very often.

The Emmys were a joke, as always. Every winner was totally predictable, with the exception of Best Comedy (Arrested Development). If a show had a political agenda (West Wing, Angels in America, The Daily Show) or was HBO/East Coast-centric (Sex and the City, Sopranos), it was a guaranteed win. I was in a 20-seater at the time, so I was only half-paying attention, but I was able to guess the winner for all but one of the awards. Effing waste of time.

Oh, and I love the way ESPN put Raymer on the Plays of the Week, like the WSOP happened last week rather than months ago. Ooooh, I hope they didn’t ruin the surprise for those that TIVO’d it and didn’t know he won… Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but Raymer won.


At 5:34 AM, Blogger Sean said...

Bad calls happen for all teams at one point or another during the season. Saying "well, if {insert event here} didn't happen, we would have won" is a bad argument. The real moron here is Mike Tice and the very weak Vikings O-Line. Blaming the officials is just whining.

At 8:01 AM, Blogger ToddCommish said...

Sean, I really had no rooting interest in the game on Monday night. I was merely pointing out to the Iggles' fans that TO has done stuff like that for years in SF (ie. making great plays and missing easy ones) and that once the honeymoon is over, they'll notice the big drops more and more.


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