Thursday, October 07, 2004

One for the thumb! Now I’ve won a SnG at FIVE different online poker sites! Of course, this speaks volumes about how pathetic my life is, and how I seek outside validation for my own self-image, and how I’m basically a complete online poker whore… Finally lost my cherry at PokerStars, winning a robust $27 in a $6 “Limit Hold’Em Turbo SnG” yesterday. Blinds increase every 5 minutes in this structure and it’s basically the poker equivalent of a Chinese fire drill with chips running in mad circles around the table.

Strangely, in limit play, “Turbo” tourneys seem to favor the grinders in the early stages since there are usually several chasers to each pot, and if you can be patient and wait for a premium hand, you can drag pretty substantial pots. Then, as the blinds increase faster than the fish can adjust their play, you can steal pots by playing off your “tight” table image (and the increasing pucker factor of the escalating blinds) by cranking up the aggression factor. One thing is for sure, it favors a flexible table approach more than it favors the pure aggression of the maniac or the robo-play of the tight-weak player. “Turbo” gets a thumbs-up from me.

Caution: Political content below!

Frankly, the Democrats must think that the average voter is a complete buffoon. Their anti-Bush rhetoric is filled with illogic and contradictions, but they keep trumpeting the same notes.

1. “Bush lied about Iraq and WMD” – Pure rhetoric. This assumes two “facts”, neither of which have been substantiated. One, this assumes Bush KNEW that Iraq didn’t have WMD, and Two, he deliberately lied about it to the American people as a rationale to invade.

A more likely scenario is that the CIA gave him effed-up intelligence, which was supported by the equally incompetent Russian and British intelligencia, and that Bush used this information to support his decision, which may or may not have been personal. Regardless, he accomplished Goal 1A, which was to eliminate an anti-American dictator from a strategically important region.

2. “Iraq never had WMD” – Ummm, just because the “weapons inspectors” didn’t find any, doesn’t mean they were never there. Put it this way, do you think NFL players use steroids? Because very few have been caught… Do you think that NFL, MLB, and NBA players do drugs? Because very few have been caught…

Why haven’t they been caught (meaning Iraq, NFL, MLB, NBA)? Well, if you KNEW when you were going to be tested or inspected, you would hide the evidence, wouldn’t you? UN inspectors gave Iraq MONTHS to hide the shit while they hid their eyes and counted to, oh, about 40,000 before calling out “Ready or not, here we come!” Hell, it’s not like the stuff was in a building marked “WMD Industries – No inspectors allowed” or “Anthrax-R-Us”. Ask yourself this: Had the US not threatened to invade, would Iraq have pursued anthrax or ricin production for terrorist reasons or genocidal warfare? Yes, and that justifies the invasion.

3. “Bush had no strategy in Iraq” – OK, this one is true. He had a white knight mentality (which incidentally isn’t unique to him). Once Saddam was gone, he thought that the people of Iraq would come streaming out of their homes, parading yellow ribbons, and clamoring for free elections. Well, that wasn’t even close to being right. It was a colossal misjudgment based upon the American cultural ideal of FREEDOM being a good thing, ignoring the effect of a repressive anti-Western religion, years of dictatorial oppression, and a fear of the military.

4. “Bush is dumb” – He may not be an articulate public speaker, but he ain’t dumb. How many of you have gone to Yale? Graduated law school? Owned a major league baseball team? Run a company? If you want articulateness, vote for Edwin Newman.

5. “Bush gave tax breaks to the rich” – He gave tax breaks to EVERYONE. Didn’t any of you take Economics in college? The rich pay waaaaay more than the poor, so in real dollars the rich saved more, but they SHOULD. Think of it like this, Joe Millionaire makes $1M a year and is in the 35% tax bracket, so his tax burden is $350K. Joe Sixpack makes $40K a year and is in the 25% tax bracket, so his tax burden is $10K. If taxes are cut by 10% across the board, the rich guy saves $35K, the not-so-rich guy saves $1K. Is that bad? Let’s say both guys spend their entire tax break, which amount helps the economy more, $35K or $1K? Sheeesh. If you raise taxes on the rich, they’ll just take their money and investments elsewhere (like Monaco), and hurt the US economy that way. God, liberals are fiscal retards.

6. “Bush will outlaw gay marriage and abortion” – Ummm, no he won’t. It’s virtually impossible for a President to do, no matter what his personal views are. Ronald Reagan didn’t pass any anti-abortion legislation, and he was the most powerful anti-abortion president (in terms of Congressional clout) that we’ve had in the post-Roe v. Wade years. Gay marriage should be an issue for the states, and frankly, the federal government has no business legislating ANYTHING about marriage or personal relationships, nor would any of it pass any court judgment. Of course, this means that we shouldn’t ADD any language guaranteeing special treatment either…

Like I’ve said, I don’t think Bush is a particularly strong President, possibly not even a good one, but Kerry hasn’t done ANYTHING from a legislative perspective, a leadership perspective, or even a campaigning perspective (other than saying “I’m not him”) to indicate that he would be preferable. In fact, if anything, it shows how weak the Democrats are that he would be their standard bearer. Quick questions for you Kerry supporters: What’s his view on tax increases? Cutting government programs? HOW to get France/Germany to support Middle East peace?

Kerry is the political equivalent of a Monday morning quarterback. He complains a lot, because it’s easy when you haven’t really done it, but he doesn’t seem to have any concrete solutions. It would be the equivalent of putting me in charge of the SF 49ers. Hmmmmm....


At 11:14 AM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I cannot stand bush! Sorry. It is a fact.

I am not a huge fan of "Well, they might do something in the future so lets attack them now". Why don't we go invade China and France then.. they are mean to us. We might as well nuke them. Hell, China will probably grow to be our biggest Nuclear advisary within the next decade. So lets get rid of them now!

As far as rich people paying the most taxes! I have GOT to laugh at that one. I am not totally against the tax refund, but the richest people in the USA pay the LEAST taxes. One example. Compare a middle income American like myself to a lower income person like a house cleaner. I have a side business and can afford to do things like buy an SUV and write the entire thing off. A poor house cleaner could never take advantage of that kind of tax break. Percentage wise I definately pay less than the house cleaner. It is just a fact, and the higher you go in income the less you have to pay. The more hiding places you have, etc.. etc.. Kerry is not going to do anything to change this either. It is just the way things are.

I am not political in the least but for the first time EVER in thirty five years I actually have a strong opinion. I really am scared about what Bush will do if he gets 4 free years. He already has started trampling free speach and his cronnies beleive that Americans cannot make their own minds up about what they hear and watch. Religion is a good thing, but when it takes over your decision making for an entire country it gets scary. He has shown a blatent disregard for international diplomacy and I beleive we are even MORE hated in the world since he took office then before. The list of issues just keeps going on and on.

Just my two cents. Yeah Kerry is a career politician and there is not much you can say about him but compared to the other choice I think he is an Abraham Lincoln! heh! It does not matter who I vote for in my state, Democrates always win in MA, but I am still going to go out and cast my vote! I think it is that important.

I still like you though Todd! heh.

At 11:29 AM, Blogger ToddCommish said...

No problem. I was speaking more of the Democratic leadership than the rank-and-file anyway. I guess we agree on one BIG point, neither candidate is particularly compelling (in a positive way).

I'm not big on Bush's religious leanings, but I honestly don't think that any religious policies will ever get implemented (see my comment on gay marriage and abortion), so the right-wing social agenda is less important to me. I'm more concerned with MY MONEY and MY FAMILY. I just happen to think that the GOP protects those interests better (not necessarily GW).

At 1:22 PM, Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

I disagree with SirFWALGMan. I think that the more income you have, the more you taxes you pay. This isn't limited to income taxes, but also includes taxes on items you purchase.

Tax breaks go to those who pay the taxes. For those who don't want the tax break, they could do what John Kerry didn't do. They could check the box that has them pay 5.85% instead of 5.3% in state taxes (in MA).

Commish, as to point 6. The fear isn't that Bush will outlaw abortion and gay marriage. It's that he'll appoint Supreme Court justices who might. There are justices, no younger than 108 years old, who might retire sometime within the next 4 years.

I find it interesting that at times Kerry says that Bush should rely on CIA intelligence to capture Bin Laden. Yet he criticizes the president for using intelligence from the same sources to liberate Iraq.

I'm looking forward to the next debate.

At 1:23 PM, Blogger Paste This said...

Poker and politics in one post! Kudos!

*sighs* I don't have to go find that chart that shows how the top 2% of income earners pay like 30% of the taxes, do I? You know the one I mean. "Tax cut for the rich" my ass. Hell, Kerry would have to marry another rich bitch just to cover his losses if we raised taxes on the rich.

For the record, I have no problem with nuking the Chinese now. We should have let MacArthur do it fifty years ago.

Oh, wait. Clinton sold them all that nifty missle technology. Now they could nuke us back. Bummer. Forget I said anything.


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