Monday, September 27, 2004

Wow, what an incredibly FUBAR weekend! The kitchen is just about done, although the short-bussers who put up the Corian screwed up by cutting a BIG square hole for a small rectangular faceplate. So now we have an Andy Dufresne-sized hole for our single switch faceplate. Shitheads. They’re supposed to come in to “patch” the hole today, but I’m not holding my breath.

Best Buy continues to be incredible fucktards when it comes to the dishwasher. We specifically ordered a bisque dishwasher (bisque is the almond of the 21st century), so of course their chimpanzeean distribution center sent a black one. Now, let me be the first to say that I don’t give a flying fuck what color the dishwasher is, but my wife was adamant about bisque and dammit, I ordered bisque! What the hell is so hard about that? Well, apparently Best Buy learned customer service at the Phil Hellmuth School of Courtesy (“I can’t believe you would call with that! If it wasn’t for luck, you would’ve had the proper color. Please hold.”), and is incapable of properly scheduling an exchange of dishwashers, which has now extended this four-hour problem into its second week. So if you listen to nothing else from me… ever, remember NOT to buy anything at Best Buy that you can’t physically carry out of the store in person.

The 49ers broke their DiMaggio-like streak of scoring this weekend, getting shut out for the first time since the Carter administration, over 400+ games. Amazing. They looked absolutely horrible, like 1-15 horrible, like Keanu Reeves-at-QB horrible. Gonna be a long frickin' season for the 49er Faithful... Oh, and since my top two FFL QBs (Pennington and Delhomme) were on their bye weeks, I picked up Rich Gannon for the start against Tampa Bay, figuring him for a big adrenaline game against his former coach. Of course, he tries to drive headfirst through Derrick Brooks in the first quarter and leaves the game immediately with back and neck pain. Dillhole.

And the Giants lost the weekend series to the effing Doggers, severely crippling their division title hopes. Strangely enough, they still have their destiny squarely in their own hands, despite the weekend collapse. If they win the rest of their games, they’re guaranteed a tie with the Dogs for the division. Historically, we know we can expect absolutely NO help from the pathetic frickin’ Rockies (see 1993 for the most glaring example, 0-13 against the Braves in the pre-Wildcard era costing the greatest SF Giants team the playoffs). I just hope they get to Chavez Ravine with a chance…

Poker yesterday was another boondoggle, though not as catastrophic. I entered a $5 multi ($2500 guaranteed) on Pacific and busted during the first orbit. I was in MP with KK and one caller UTG. I raised to 100 and everyone folded to UTG who pushed all-in. Now, I’m pretty sure he would’ve raised initially with AA, so I know I’ve got a big lead (at least 4-1 if pockets, 2-1 for any ace) over anything he might have, so I call the all-in. Remember, Pacific’s all-in interface is the shits, and spits out cards like a porn star finishing a money shot, so I see five cards flip out with one pair and no cards higher than a nine, and figure I’m golden. Of course, UTG went all-in with 44 and boated to suckout my cowboys. I think I was 531st of 560, so I just missed the money.

By the way, I think I’ve reached that $1000 profit stage I mentioned. I’m gonna run the numbers tonight at home, but I’m up over $900 at Pacific and over $250 at Empire. I cashed out +$50 at Party and down $80 at UB. The exact figures are sketchy, but, for my brief poker “career”, I’m pretty sure I’m over $1000 in profit (counting boni) over my deposits. Gee, if I move up to $16,000 SnGs at Pacific, I would be up $900,000! Or if I play $10,000 Omaha SnGs at Empire, I’d be up $250,000! Ooooh, the possibilities!


At 1:16 PM, Blogger JW said...

"I think I was 531st of 560, so I just missed the money."
Priceless! LOL.

And no body wants to listen to me when I talk about what a goldmine that place is!


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