Friday, December 03, 2004

I’m disgusted. And embarrassed.

I’ve been one of Barry Bonds’ staunchest defenders.

Now it looks like :
a. He’s a lying cheat who knowingly used steroids to bulk up
b. He’s a brainless patsy who trusted a dirtbag with his career and physical well-being
c. He’s a devious jerk who knows the phrases “plausible deniability” and “don’t ask, don’t tell”
d. All of the above
e. He’s being set up as the fall guy and there is a .000000001 chance he’s really clean

While his (curiously leaked) grand jury testimony appears to be the “smoking gun”, it still falls short of Giambi’s outright admission. Gary Sheffield’s interview with ESPN sounded almost identical to what Bonds said last year behind closed doors, leading me to believe that they are either telling the truth (they used steroids, but didn’t know it at the time) or that the responses are part of a scripted Plan B (“The player will disavow any knowledge of their actions”)

Clearly, Bonds’ records should be under scrutiny and/or disdain, just as McGwire’s and Sosa’s records should. The question is whether they should be “asterisked” or deleted altogether, should the allegations be proven. I’m one of the “Steroids don’t help you hit the ball” crowd, although I firmly believe that the McGwires and Bonds of the world surpass the Sosas and Albert Belles since the latter pair used illegal bats rather than juiced bodies.

But suppose, just suppose, that Sheffield and Bonds are telling the truth? Does that mitigate their guilt or just make them look stupid? I mean, the last fifty years are filled with cautionary tales about athletes and celebrities being lied to, misled, and cheated out of millions of dollars. We’re told that “They want to focus on their craft/sport/field, so they have to trust others”. To me, that’s a cop-out. Your body is your responsibility, your money and your future is your responsibility, your family and your legacy is your responsibility. People nowadays are too willing to give up self-responsibility.

Still, it remains to be seen whether some of the “leaked” testimony is just a Memogate waiting to happen. Did anyone else notice that these “leaks” come on the two days before the Victor Conte interview on 20/20? Gee, what a coincidence! The leaks are clearly timed to help publicize Conte’s “exclusive”, pointing the finger directly at Conte’s team as the source. I won’t watch the interview. I have neither the time or inclination to sit through a full hour of an interview when I can wait for the post-game analysis and get the juicy (no pun intended) bits in five minutes.

Marion Jones will be thrown under the bus, probably right alongside Tim Montgomery. It remains to be seen whether ANY of the interview will be about Bonds, Giambi, or Sheffield. There is still the remote possibility that Conte lied to Anderson and Anderson passed the lie to Bonds and the other ballplayers. Remote. At best. Until tonight, when I watch SportsCenter through my fingers, I’ll hope that Barry Bonds is proven to be just plain stupid.


At 11:06 AM, Blogger cantseefade said...

You are entirely correct about Bonds who has made it quite clear throughout his career that he is a complete asshole and cares about little else than putting up numbers. Unfortunately he will break Hank Aaron's record in the near future, hopefully with and * by it or possibly a syringe to indicate that he only hit 73 homers cause he was as juiced as an orange. Funny how his weight training caused his head to grow. As far as the timing on the "leak", don't forget that ABC owns ESPN, so it gives ESPN a couple of days to hype the story up for their mother station.

At 12:15 PM, Blogger Sean said...

What a load of nonsense that other comment is. I can take all the steroids I want, sit on my ass, and nothing will happen. If you think taking steroids is the difference in hitting a ball 300 feet or 500 feet, you are sadly deluded. And really, the "Oh the horror" after-the-fact hand wringing by the general public and MLB is laughable at best. You enjoy it while it happens, turn a blind eye to the obvious, and 3 years later you decide to express your outrage. And, what does hitting 73HR in 2002 have to do with the fact that he admitted to taking supplements in 2003? Thanks for playing.

At 9:42 AM, Blogger cantseefade said...

Nonsense? That is more applicable to your own post. Of course Bonds worked out and took supplements. He also took the "cream" and the "clear" and has likely been taking them for many years. I really don't care what Bonds says about when he began taking them as i believe him to be a liar who has no respect for the courts or the media (I can hardly blame him on the media part). Why do you think his head has grown so much? Why do you think he gained over 40 pounds of muscle over the course of his career? News flash: he used to be a lead-off hitter. Get your facts straight before you retort to someone who cantseefade.


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