Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Well, I’m back. At least for a little while… I don’t expect to be blogging very frequently for the next year or so. I’ve accepted a higher visibility role at work within a “special operations” group dedicated to the release of a new product within the next year, and I will be relocated from my Punxatawny-like cubicle to a main thoroughfare right in front of the sales director. Since most of my blogging was done from my relatively hidden burrow free from the wandering eyes of pedestrian traffic, I could write and browse blogs without fear of discovery. Now I will be verrrry visible and, as such, not as prolific.

The week in Maui was relatively uneventful, seeing as there is NO gambling on the entire island. I asked cabbies, concierges, janitors, maids, everyone I could find. They all said the same thing: everyone goes to Vegas to gamble. Un-frickin-believable. I couldn’t believe that there wouldn’t even be ONE smoky bar with an illegal side game or a floating crap game or a bingo parlor or ANYTHING! Sheesh.

I’m debating how and when to re-enter the poker world. I dabbled in a couple of small SnGs, cashed in one, bombed out in another. There’s too much work-related shit going on for me to get really enthused about poker. I still have bonuses to clear at Party and some spare cash at Pacific, but no HUNGER for it. I’m seriously considering cashing out for a little while until the itch resurfaces. It’s not a good idea to simply piss away money when your heart and mind aren’t into it. Poker requires too much focus and concentration to be successful, and for now, I ain’t got it.


At 7:42 PM, Blogger Human Head said...

That sucks. Here's to hoping the itch comes back soon..

At 8:18 PM, Blogger waldemar said...

I bet your Alt+Tab reaction time will increase by about tenfold at your new spot!


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