Thursday, December 23, 2004

I recently rediscovered the joys of Pacific Poker. I had about $50 hanging around in there last week. I already mentioned playing two “fast” $20 SnGs. Now, I’m on a bit of a run there.

Five tournaments, four cashes, $105.60 in buy-ins, $252.00 in prize money.

Ummm, me likey the games there. Back up to about $200.

And I’m learning. First hand of a 20-seater. I pick up JJ in MP and raise the 20 blind to 75, to get a gauge of the table power. Two folds, one caller, and the SB raises to 150. I call this, and the cold caller suddenly rises to life with an all-in for 800 total. The SB calls immediately and I LAY IT DOWN! This is a big step for me! Turns out I was 100% correct; the cold caller had AQ and the SB had QQ and the board spiked the case queen. I actually read the hands exactly right! I knew one guy probably had AQ/AK and the other one probably had AA/KK/QQ, and I had virtually no chance. I ended up cashing for +$32.

I’m actually pushing close to $2K in winnings for the year. Sure, it’s small potatoes to most of you, but it’s still pretty cool considering I’ve read exactly ZERO poker books, don’t use Poker Tracker, and spend a whopping 1-2 hours each night playing. A nice little hobby. A nice little profitable hobby.


At 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm not a big fan of Pacific's SnG as the quick structure doesn't catter to my patient game. One question for you though, I signed up for Pacific through Poker Lizard, got the 25% bonus, but haven't received the poker chip set from Lizard.

Did you sign up through them? Did you get the set? How long did it take?


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