Wednesday, October 03, 2007

MLB Playoff Preview

Ahhh, October baseball... So many things to talk about...

First off, Matt Holliday still hasn’t touched home plate. Props to Brian Giles for making a great throw and Michael Barrett for making a Scioscia-esque block of the plate, prolonging the Padres’ season.

Second, Fox is probably wetting themselves over the possibility of a Red Sox/Yankee ALCS and a Phillie/Cub NLCS. Unfortunately, there is a very good likelihood of them getting their wish.

Third, how big a loser must one be to have a judge rule that K-Fed is a more fit parent?

Anyway, moving on....

American League

Red Sox over the Angels in four. I can’t see the Angels’ offense being able to keep up with the Red Sox, especially with a dinged-up Vlad.

Yankees over the Indians in five. I honestly think this one could go either way. I hope it’s the Indians, but only because I despise the media infatuation with the Yankees and ESPN’s constant ads for “The Bronx is Burning”

ALCS: Red Sox over the Yankees in seven. This one would have to go seven. I think it’s written into their MLB contracts. If the Indians beat the Yankee bullpen in Game Five, the Red Sox will roll the Indians in five games.

National League

Cubs over the Snakes in four. I’ll give one game to Brandon Webb, either Game One or Game Four. Otherwise the Cubs are better at almost every position, except closer.

Rockies over the Philies in five. Gotta ride the hot hand here. They THINK they can win. Hell, they can win games without even touching the plate. Now THAT’S hot!

Rockies over the Cubs in six. Like I said, the Rockies are the hot hand, and the Cubs in the postseason are about as cold as they get. They can beat the DBacks because of superior talent, but won’t be able to climb the mountain.

World Series

Red Sox over the Rockies in seven. This will be the first World Series EVER with over 100 total runs scored. Expect to see a couple of 12-11 type games with pitchers getting shelled from both sides. MVP = Manny.


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