Monday, August 23, 2004

Here was my decidedly enterprising email to Pacific last night. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if they received, oh, around 70 of these.

Dear Kim,

While I don't hold you personally responsible for the "non-start", I am rather disgusted with Pacific's shoddy treatment of the entire group. Clearly, you had everyone's email address and log-on names and could have updated us as to your efforts, but we had to call tech support and/or wait on hold. Many in the poker blogger community had arranged their schedules around this tournament and it was expected to the be the highlight of the year thus far.

Personally, the only reason I deposited money with Pacific Poker in the first place was to participate in this particular tournament, and I have heard of many others who did it for the same reason. The only way to compensate us for the lost time and scheduling hassles would be to offer some kind of "make-up" tournament and make it a free roll for the original registrants. I would recommend offering a CLOSED free roll tournament to the Monty registrants perhaps a week or two out. We WANTED to play together... the chat was one of the main draws of this tournament... the rail was going to be full of our readers... we had being sending business to you guys for weeks.

And you guys missed the ball.

It's up to YOU to convince US to stay.



At 12:48 PM, Blogger BadBlood said...

Nice letter. Agree whole-heartedly. Perhaps it was your efforts that got things rolling toward the current resolution. Kudos.


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