Friday, December 03, 2004

Last night, another 2nd in a $10 08 SnG. Yeah, I know. That makes four in a row. Still, I’ll take $19 profit for an hour of time all day long…

I had to break the stats into two separate chunks since the head-to-head lasted an amazing 46 hands! What makes it funny is that it took only 46 hands to eliminate the other eight players!

First 46 hands (going from ten players to two players)
46 flops
42 turns
38 rivers (82% of hands go to the river)

This continues the 90%/90% “rule” that seems to be in effect in these games.

Last 46 hands (H2H, just the two of us)
38 flops
33 turns
28 rivers (61% of hands go to the river)

Strange, eh? You’d think you’d be more willing to see cards with only two people playing, but the onerous blinds (we ended up with 300/600 blinds with only 8000 chips in play) made it tough to play with borderline hands since chasing one hand would probably sink your ship right there.


At 1:54 PM, Blogger Poker Nerd said...

46 hands heads-up?! I think I would have shot myself before that was over.

I too enjoyed the Omaha H/L SNG's, but they were a bit crapshooty for my taste. Maybe I'll have to re-discover them soon.


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