Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend Wrap

- Amazingly, I’m still in the running to cash in the Pauly’s Pub NCAA bracket. If UCLA beats LSU, I’ll pull down third place and get $100. The Coach has already locked up first place. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an NCAA bracket pool locked up BEFORE the Final Four. That speaks volumes about three things: the massive upsets, the Coach’s picks, and the idiocy of the other 40 people playing.

- Daddy and I will be sharing a rooting interest in UCLA this week. He’ll get 2nd place money if the Bruins take the Tigers.

- Donkeypuncher is accepting spare change and recyclable drink containers. Out of work with a baby on the way. Been there, done that.

- WillWonka whacked me in the quarterfinals of the HUC3. Game one was a complete debacle. I played like a feces-chucking orangutan, he played well and caught cards. A pretty deadly combination. It lasted less than fifteen hands. I played much better in Game two, taking a 2.5-1 lead by slowplaying pocket Aces (!) before succumbing to back-to-back bad beats. A good match, if you ignore the first game. Good luck to the purple-coated one in the semis.

- Trevor smacked out two more hits and scored four runs yesterday. He’s now hitting .571 with six runs scored in two games. His goal for the year is to “not strike out a single time”. Possible, but not likely.

- Had my first Fantasy Baseball draft with DP and other Chicago-ites. I’m satisfied with my draft with solid producers at every position and significant upside for each one of them.

Catcher – Javy Lopez (10) – He’ll play some 1B this year, which should make things easier on his legs. I’m hoping for 20 hrs, 70 rbis here.

1B – Todd Helton (4) – His diminished production last year was partially due to an undisclosed back injury which has supposedly healed. Good power upside here if he gets back to 2003-04 levels.

2B – Marcus Giles (5) – Probably a couple of rounds early for him, but I wanted a 2B that would have decent pop (15 hrs) and score 100 runs.

3B – Aramis Ramirez (3) – Yeah, I know, but I see him as a lock for 30/100/100 if he stays healthy. Juan Pierre and Jacque Jones at the top is better than Corey Patterson and Nomah.

SS – Michael Young (1) – Yeah, I’m the goof that fills up his infield first. I’ve always believed that you can draft OF much later and get similar production. Kinda like WR in fantasy football. Tejada might be in decline and the Texas offense means this guy will put up some gaudy numbers.

OF – Bobby Abreu (2) – Five tools. 20+ hrs, 20+ SBs, 100 rbis, 100 runs, .300. The dude is a machine that’s gonna be better with Chase Utley and Ryan Howard beginning to make noise. If Burrell keeps it up, Abreu could get to 120/120.

OF – BARRY BONDS! (6) – Upside galore here. I think it was a good time to grab him. There won’t be any disciplinary action, if he plays 100 games, he’ll have 35-40 HRs and hit .320. Pretty good production from a 6th rounder.

OF – Brian Giles (9) – Despite Petco, he should produce decent numbers. If he doesn’t, I’ll rely on…

OF – Geoff Jenkins (13) – When healthy, a 25 hr, 90 rbi producer. His production may depend on the production of…

Bench – Prince Fielder (16) – A wtf pick. It was either Prince or Delmon Young here. Gotta pick ONE promising rookie every year, just in case he busts out.

Bench – Johnny Gomes (17) – He was ranked high on Rotowire, and I don’t know a damn thing about him. Checking his stats, he showed good pop in limited play last year (21 hrs in 350 abs) with an OPS of .900+. Might be another sleeper. I need OF abs in case Barry is suspended or hurt.

SP – I’ve got a good young rotation that play in pitcher’s parks headed by Rich Harden, Matt Cain, Joe Blanton, and Javier Vazquez. Plenty of closers (Street, Turnbow, Guardado) and a couple potential save vultures (Farnsworth, Papelbon).

Final thoughts – I’ve got a pretty well rounded team. A little short in steals, but certainly not near the bottom. Should be near the top in runs and BA, Barry will have to bump my HR totals higher. My relief pitching is solid and my starters are good. I typically stream starters, but may dangle one of my younger studs if they both start out hot (Gomes, Fielder) for a frontline starter.


At 1:04 PM, Blogger mcSey said...

re: Bonds. If, and if he's any good without juice at 105 or however old he is. I get your point (or Donkeypuncher's) about the roids not being illegal in baseball when Bonds was setting his records. Now he has to do it without the juice. My guess? Lots of warning track fly balls ala Sammy Soso after he couldn't juice anymore.


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