Tuesday, March 14, 2006

NFL season?

Some quick NFL thoughts after an eventful day:

· Everyone change your draft boards. With New Orleans picking up Drew Brees, it’s open season on the #2 pick. Unless they’re picking D’Brickashaw Ferguson with the second pick, they’re looking to deal. This seems like a good situation for the Saints to trade with the Jets who would move up to get Leinart in front of the Titans, who will get stuck with Vince Young and his shortbus score in the Wunderlich.

· Daunte in Miami. Makes Chris Chambers a 2nd rounder next year. Quite a shrewd deal by the Vikes to trade away a dollar for two quarters. Next up will be trading the Mall of America for an AM/PM MiniMart.

· And WTF was Al Davis doing? A 2nd round pick for Culpepper and he couldn’t pull the trigger? Methinks Al needs to be shipped to the Pat Summerall home for Football Senility.

· Gee, what a surprise. TO was cut. Any bets as to who takes this cancer? Has there ever been a more talented football player who completely ruined his career by being an asshat in his prime? The closest thing to this would be… hell, there is no closest thing. If David Caruso had talent, maybe him.

· Love the quote from Mike Nolan this week, "It's a strange thing to be (ranked) 32nd on both sides of the ball and still have guys after your players," Andre Carter… gone. Brandon Lloyd… gone. The two playmakers from last year… gone. So who do they sign? Antonio freakin’ Bryant. Who the hell is next, Webster Slaughter? Bring back Jerry Rice.

· In much smaller news, Me-Shawn was cut by Dallas. Amazing that he still considers himself to be a premiere receiver in the NFL. For god’s sake, Bill Parcells cut him, and Key’s been blowing the Tuna for decades now. His skills were never much above average, he was essentially JJ Stokes with a better work ethic. Without the self promotional book, he would’ve been JT Smith (of the Cards, for those who don’t remember).

· In other news, I’m the top search in Google for “panther cheerleader trial”. Here’s another link to cement that spot right HERE . One of the cheerleaders must perform 50 hours of community service. Wouldn’t you like to be that community?


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