Thursday, March 22, 2007

Politics, Democrat style

To my loving wife,

Fear not, my love. I won’t let your debilitating cancer diagnosis deter me in my quest for personal glory and power.

Your loving husband,
John Edwards


Dear Barack,

I have a great idea. Why not attack Hilary before the primary? No need to hit her with a pipe, a simple internet video will do. I know some guys that will do it for cheap.

Tonya Harding

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Random thoughts...

Quick thoughts on the first official day of Spring…

- Or the last official day of Winter. I guess it depends whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist. I call it…. Tuesday.

- My bracket is deader than Sinbad.

- What? Sinbad is still alive…? Well, then my bracket is deader than Sinbad’s career.

- Won my first SnG in about a month. Mainly because I’ve only been playing about once a month. Hard to get totally juiced up about winning money when you might not ever get to collect (legally). For now, I may focus my efforts on WSOP super satellites since a seat at the big dance would be its own payment.

- I still have $400 coming from Neteller showing as “pending payment”. Should I just cancel that payment and wait for resolution, or just leave it as-is and hope for a quick windfall when the smoke clears?

- My son is totally kicking ass on his Junior 80’s baseball team. Top pitcher/SS, leading the team in hits, RBI’s, stolen bases, ERA, OAV, WHIP, and just about any other stat you can name. But the thing I’m proudest of is the way he accepted the mantle of team leader. Even though he’s not a loudmouthed, arrogant prick (like, um, his dad), the team follows his lead and listens when he keeps them in line. Good kid.

- Pro wrestlers latest linked to US internet steroid case – Wow, who knew? Seriously, do a Yahoo/Google image search for “Randy Orton” and tell me that guy doesn’t take steroids. Oh, and that he’s not auditioning for “Brokeback Squared Circle”…

- Heather Mills on Dancing with the Stars. What’s next? Gary Coleman in the Celebrity Slam Dunk Competition? Why not just wheel Stephen Hawking out there? You know damn well the shows are gonna be taped because that prosthetic is gonna snap off at least once, and the viewing public isn’t ready to see the dancing equivalent of Lieutenant Dan. Gee, do you think that Paul isn’t sitting there chanting “Break a leg, break a leg…”?

Friday, March 16, 2007

The big time... redux

Back in mid-2004, this humble blog was linked up by the immortal blogfather, Iggy. I had made "the big time". Well, a lot has happened since then. I've made hundreds, probably thousands of dollars, playing online poker. The Red Sox won a World Series. The 49ers are now respectable again. The Sharks are legitimate Stanley Cup contenders. Online poker had a huge-mongous boom, followed by a moderate crash, and is slowly trying to re-find its legs.

And this blog went from some traffic to little traffic.

Well, this blog might be waning, but my readership just went up a hundred-fold. I've been asked to be a contributor to Up with Sports, a melange of poker-playing sports fans across the country blogging about, well, sports. My contributions will likely provide, along with Joe Speaker, a west-coast flavor to the decided southeastern menu of writings.

My fandom is relatively well-chronicled here. 49ers, Sharks, Giants, Warriors... in that order. I'll root for the Raiders and A's purely for geographic loyalty. As a San Jose State grad, collegiate sports are less intense for me (long stretches of rotten teams will do that). Stanford gets some regional love, but Berkeley politics preclude rooting for any of their teams. I'm one of the original fantasy geeks, participating in fantasy football leagues since 1986, and I have Hall-of-Fame status at WhatIfSports, kind of a network of stats geeks.

I'll still rant about sports here, but will save my most eloquent rants for my new gig. My NL West preview will be up there on 3/25. See ya there!