Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I gotta stop screwing around with my online poker funds like it’s all Monopoly money. Last night, I busted out of a $10 SnG by raising and re-raising with the HAMMER while I was just basically just trying to fuck with the table. I started the evening with a tidy little $90+ win in one of those Turbo SnGs at PokerStars ($16 to win $108), so I was really just itching to piss away an entry fee. Stupid. It’s still real money.

Plus, I was watching the improbable Sox tighten the noose on their fans by giving them that sliver of hope that will lead to that inevitable 9th inning, Game Seven fold. Why not just give Game Six to the Sox now, and fast forward the entire world to the eighth inning of Game Seven? Sox will take the lead in the eighth, Foulke will be brought in, the Wankees will threaten in the eighth, but get shut down. The Sox will threaten in the ninth, but fail to produce an insurance run. Foulke will get two quick outs in the bottom of the ninth, but will begin to tire and walk the potential tying run. Francona will go to the mound, and leave him out there, even with Pedro warming up in the bullpen. Matsui will smack the game winner 310 ft into the short porch in right field to win the pennant.

I’ll probably be registering for the blogger tourney, but my work schedule might get in the way, so I may make a Hellmuthian late entrance. Since it took a poker professional to bust me out of the last WPBT (Iggy), I consider myself to be one of the pre-tourney favorites among the lowly bloggers (yeah, right). One other possibility, if I’m stuck on the freeway at 6pm PST, I may instruct my 11-year old son to fire up the software and play in my stead. If he does well, he may play the whole time. If you see ToddCommish make a minimum raise, it’s probably my son playing… and he’s probably got AA. He’s fully capable of weak-calling all the way with the nuts and not raising until the river. So beware!


At 7:22 AM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

*sigh* Red Sox. Heh. At least they make it interesting! Hope to see you at the Tourney Thursday Night. I am looking forward to it. I may get a few more hands in at Poker Stars too. It seems like a nice site once you get used to it!


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