Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Almost midnight out here in California... The Presidential Election is still up in the air, although the wind is clearly blowing toward the right. Most networks have Bush with 269 electoral votes with Ohio providing the final 20 electoral votes, with the lone holdouts being CBS ("Why am I not surprised?") and CNN ("I'm gonna have a heart attack and die from that surprise!"). 269 is the magic number since it looks like the House is gonna remain Republican, and they would decide any ties.

The Democrats are threatening lawsuits in every state that they lose in, proving that they still can't lose with dignity. There have been very, very few reports of voting irregularities (unlike 2000), so it's not like there is any evidence of widespread problems they can blame. The legal posturing smacks of sour grapes, but isn't entirely unexpected from a group that had more funding than ideas. In reality, if George Soros had spent his billions on an original thought rather than simply bashing Bush, he might have had a better result.

Right now, the popular vote is 51-48 for Bush, meaning he would have a greater mandate than Bill Clinton ever did. I truly believe that this result is just as much a repudiation of the horribly slanted media as it is a confirmation of Bush's policies. Like I've said, Bush isn't a particularly inspiring president, but he is a decisive leader. And in a time of war, people want a decisive leader, not a professional politician who seeks affirmation from polls and other countries before acting. The media sought to focus on Bush's perceived inarticulateness, rather than his clear values and strong moral convictions.

From my perspective, this election signified the end of broadcast network news. Rather and Jennings proved to be complete stooges, Brokaw salvaged some dignity in his swan song. Rather is older than dirt and about as smart. He actually called a touchscreen map an "electronic gadget". Sheesh, he really needs to be put in the old anchor's home. Jennings has no business reporting on US politics on a national broadcast network unless he's shtupping some ABC executives. He's Canadian, for god's sake! That would be like putting an American on Hockey Night in Canada. Inexcusable that ABC can't find someone that can say "about" or "process" correctly....

POKER CONTENT: Played three SnGs on Empire, one first plus one third equals plus $37. Had a complete brain fart on Pokerstars, bubbling in 4th to fuck up a turbo $27. Went all-in with second pair and a flush draw, knowing that someone else had top pair. Stupid. No other word for it. I was better than the rest of the table and could've outlasted to make the money, but just spazzed out and just screwed up. I hate doing shit like that.


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