Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Cool, my cable modem is back up and at full speed.

Now, I can lose money at a much higher rate. Pulled a nifty trifecta by busting out of SnG tournaments at Pacific, PokerStars, and Empire, pissing away a quick $55. At Pacific, I busted out with KK and QQ on consecutive hands, losing to AJ (spiking an Ace on the turn) and AA. I would’ve had a tough time keeping afloat with those hands under any circumstances, but I played flat-out shitty at Pokerstars, calling with second best hands and pushing when I should’ve been folding. Even then, I bubbled out in 4th.

Balances are sliding downward; $75 at Pokerstars, $100 at Pacific, $35 at Empire. Of course, I still have over $500 at Neteller (pretty much my WPBT winnings), but I doubt I’ll be re-upping with any of the sites. If the money goes, I go.

Getting ready to vote, even though my presidential vote means absolutely nothing in the freakishly liberal state of California. Interestingly, the voters are liberal in their choices of president and congressmen, but are pretty moderate in the state laws. Barbara Boxer is a complete moron, but will probably get re-elected. Her entire campaign was based on a woman’s right to choose, upon which one senator has little or no effect. But she beat on that point, knowing that her core constituency is too ignorant of the political system to question it. We have multiple ballot propositions that relate to Indian gaming, none of which are likely to pass. We have plenty of available gambling choices here, and people are hesitant to give broad approval for more.

People have asked me for a prediction for the election. I predict that the winner will be …

The lawyers. Both sides have got so many lawyers mobilized already, even if the election is a landslide, there will be a lawsuit disputing the result, if only because they’ve already paid the retainer, and it’s cost-effective to file a complaint. It’s ridiculous that for national elections where we elect the LOTFW, we have multiple voting systems in each state, some of which have been used for 40+ years. Hell, at least American Idol and Last Comic Standing use digital technology… Why can’t we elect our leader in an technologically advanced manner?


At 2:37 PM, Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

"we have multiple voting systems in each state"

In theory we are a union of sovereign states, and therefore in a federal election, we are electing delegates to the electoral college, which then elects the president of the federal government.

Most states have delegated control of elections to the counties, which makes sense, I suppose, considering the various schedules of cities, counties, districts, etc.

I think most of this bullshit, though. In practice we are a union in name, only. The Feds control a hell of a lot, and so I think it makes sense that they should come up with one standard, tamper-proof voting system that'll put all this legal wrangling to rest.


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