Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I’m on my way from Atlanta to New York right now, blogging from 31,000 feet. I’m still debating whether to join the blogger tournament tomorrow by installing PokerStars long enough to make a quick deposit from my Neteller funds, play the tournament, and immediately UN-install the program to avoid ruffling any corporate IT feathers. It probably isn’t worth the effort, but the new point system intrigues me. I can’t help but feel that I would’ve scored pretty well (a second place and a top-twenty finish) in whatever scoring system is used.

The entire travel experience sucks. Delta has this completely ridiculous pay-for-shitty-food-like-you’re-still-in-the-airport food policy, charging outrageous amounts of money for such gourmet fare as potato chips and turkey sandwiches. That was on a SFO-ATL cross-country flight! This frickin’ flight nets me a couple of bags of shitty pretzels and a free beverage, as long as it’s Coke. Headsets are $2 to watch old reruns of some shows we didn’t watch the first time they were on TV, and have probably been worn by lepers and psoriasis sufferers.

Now, some fucktard wearing NYG gear and a Cincinnati Reds hat and sweatpants is clogging the aisle talking to his friend. He was wandering around earlier while we were still ascending, leading the flight attendant to loudly announce that the “Fasten seatbelt sign is still lit. The captain INSISTS that everyone remain seated with their seatbelts fastened.” Of course, this dickwad ignored her and kept talking to his friend with his fleece covered lard-ass right in my face. He looks rather pugnacious and I’m sure he’s waiting for someone to try and press the issue just so he can yell back in all his asshole-ish glory. God, I hate travel. I’m hoping for some turbulence so FatAss can tumble down the aisle like Butthead in the movie. That would almost make this trip worthwhile.

Pokerwise, I’m going to play the $2/$4 Bad Beat tables whenever the jackpot exceeds $300K now. I played recently when the jackpot was in the $700K range, and the number of BAD players was astounding. I cleared 20BB in less than an hour, just by playing solid, by-the-book poker. Raise preflop if you have top ten material, bet on the flop with the nut draws, slowplay the turn with a powerhouse, raise with a scare board, all pretty fundamental stuff. All of it worked. I’m not even necessarily playing for the jackpot, I’m playing because the waters are teeming with empty headed jackpot chasers, trying for their piece of the rainbow. It’s lucrative just to be playing right then, the jackpot would just be gravy…


At 7:20 PM, Blogger waldemar said...

the new 'paying for shitty flight food' system is crap. us airways does the same thing...you can get a shitty sandwich for $8, or a really shitty sandwich for $5.


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