Sunday, September 18, 2005

 My wife thinks I’m nuts, but I absolutely love the BK commercials with the Burger King taking an interception back for a touchdown, or getting a lateral from Randy Moss for another score. Sorry, but BK doing the Deion-happy-feet dance makes me laugh, perhaps because he’s just as likely as Deion of scoring right now.

 Won another 18-seater at PokerStars. So, in my brief comeback to the tables, I’ve won 2 of 6 tournaments for a quick +$100. Sigh. Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in!

*** Update *** Just won my 3rd of these. Now I'm plus $200 for this trip.

Time to overwork a metaphor:

Poker hands: NFL Teams

 AA – Patriots. Can beat any hand, any time, unless the other guy gets a big flop
 KK – Colts. Can beat any hand, any time, except AA
 QQ – Eagles. The mathematical favorite over everyone except AA and KK. Also, the biggest heartbreaker of every hand, always gets close to winning, but gets rivered.
 JJ – Steelers. Hard to bet on, especially if an A, K, or Q flops. It looks good right up until then, but still can’t push it too hard because you’re probably beat. But boy, it looks soooo strong sometimes…
 AQs – Panthers. Very good hand, but not a made hand yet, so it’s still vulnerable and needs help on the flop. Can beat you many ways, but can be beat too.
 AKo – Chiefs. All offense on this hand. Raise raise raise. Push push push.
 A6o – Chargers. Oh sure, that Ace sure looks good, but if you don’t get another Ace, you’re in big trouble to hands that can beat you in multiple ways like sooted connectors.
 AJo – Seahawks, Rams. The most misplayed hand. Should win more than it does, but is always mismanaged. We’d all be better off just treating this like the A-rag that it is.
 77 – Bengals. Lots of sevens. A coin flip.

For the most part, you should fold if you have…
 QTs – Vikings. A big leak for most people. It looks like it should win, but it is easily eclipsed.
 QJs – Jags. Lots of potential for this hand. Worth a raise in late position.
 66 – Jets. Why? I don’t know. They’re better than 55 and worse than 77.
 55 – Raiders. Why do people like this hand so much? Fans of this hand are rabid to the point of being unreasonable. It RARELY wins unless it gets very lucky.
 33 – Broncos. You can’t depend on threes forever.
 72o – 49ers aka the Hammer. Hits a miracle flop about once every eclipse.
 72s – Cardinals. Seriously, for the most part, a toss-up when against the Hammer.
 43o– Bears, Lions, Packers – Only time they win is when they play each other
 65o – Bills, Dolphins, Ravens, Bucs. Weak. No high card strength.
 83o – Titans, Texans, Skins, Giants. Terrible hands. Almost no chance of beating anyone.
 22 – Saints. Deuces. Get it? Deuce? Moving on…


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