Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Life (and Death) go on…

· I’m the first to admit that I have NFI what goes on in the Supreme Court and which decisions are coming out of it. What I do care about is the non-politicization (is that a word?) of the court itself. This Roberts guy seems like a reasonable, thoughtful judge. And, at least according to his record, is not particularly beholden to any particular political agenda. That alone makes him better than the spectacularly stupid candidates being bandied about by both extremes. Why not pick someone who actually considers the merits of the cases brought to the court and not the political ramifications of the decisions? Why is that such a difficult concept?

· Hey, lesson to the rest of the US: If you’re putting your faith in the federal bureaucracy to save your life, you’re in big big trouble. And to all you people saying that it’s a race issue, that’s a tired argument. The feds can’t get their shit together to do anything useful, never could… never will. And the funny thing is that liberals continue to support building up the federal bureaucracy, and then complain about it when it misfires. That’s like right-wing conservatives supporting gun deregulation and then complaining about crime.

· Another lesson to the US: If you’re putting your faith in other countries to lift a pinky to help us after a natural disaster, you’re kidding yourself. My son’s middle school donated more to help Katrina victims than most countries.

· Message to the rest of the world: The next time some hurricane or earthquake or tsunami wipes out your village (let alone a major metropolitan area), guess what…? The US will be there with money and aid, because we’re the most generous, most compassionate, and kindest people in the fucking world, and don’t you forget it!

· Has there been any NFL season that started with less fanfare? With all the world shit going on, Thursday’s game is practically an afterthought. Oh, and the over/under for Lost promos is 12.

· Oh, and is anyone besides California paying attention to the NL Worst? The Giants are now in second place with a big, flaxseed-stained bullet next to their name. They’ve won six in a row and that isn’t even the biggest news. Barry might be coming back for a boffo climax to the season, possibly pinch-hitting as early as today. Mark my words, if Barry gets more than 60 plate appearances between now and the end of the season, the Giants will win the division. Of those, I would expect 20-25 walks, 7-10 singles, and 5-8 homers. Considering the competition, that should be good enough. In fact, there is a strong likelihood that the division winner (whether the Giants or the Padres) will be sub-.500, making it official that the NL West is the worst division in the history of baseball.

· San Jose State has a better record than the University of Miami.

Mini-milestone for me: This is blog entry #201, meaning I've vented my spleen over 200 times onto this server. Kudos to anyone who hasn't taken a baseball bat to their screen in response.


At 2:21 PM, Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

I've taken a baseball bat to my own head...


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