Monday, October 24, 2005

Blogger Tourney

OK, back at work, which means back to blogging…  Trying to maintain some sense of normalcy in some really crappy times.

Bombed out in the Blogger Championship.  Pumped up the chipstack early, getting as high as the top twenty.  Faded to around 50 by the first break.  Played pretty well, though I paid off some people on busted flush draws with good pot odds.  Since there were a lot of late arrivals and no-shows, a lot of the initial play was dictated by blind steals and positional play.  Once everyone figured out that dance (step on the guy to your left, kick the guy to your right), the second half hour was an exercise in quick counterpunches.  

After the break, it seemed like Poker Superstars II with all-ins galore.  The problem that this caused for me was that I was moved four times in ten hands, making it impossible to get a feel for a table or a gauge of the playing styles.  I ended up at a table with only five players and four no-shows.  I watched a couple of hands with apparent blind steals (raise 3xBB with the no-shows in the blinds and taking it down uncontested).  I got JJ on the button with two no-shows behind me.  The player in CO raised 3xBB, and I doubled it behind him.  He pushed and I called, anticipating a low pair or Ax.  I was right (kinda) because he showed AKo.  A little stronger than I thought, but I got my money in at the right time.  Unfortunately, the Ace on the flop squelched my hopes immediately and I got no help from the turn or river.  

I probably had enough chips (and enough no-shows) to build up my chipstack and stick around for a longer time, so I may have mismanaged my stack and my position, but I thought it was my best chance to take advantage of a big stack and double up.  After all, I was after the Xbox, not some PokerStars hat.  Anyway, thanks again to PokerStars for throwing such a wonderful freeroll for the bloggers!  Maybe now, the other poker sites will get a clue and start following suit.

NFL Notes

My god, the 49ers suck.


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