Tuesday, October 11, 2005

PokerStars is the bestest online poker site ever!

PokerStars is super wonderful and extremely neat.  Can I have a t-shirt now?

Doinked a wonderful, neat PokerStars SnG last night.  If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would be railing against being cold-decked the day after a cash withdrawal.  But I’m not.

Another so-so week of NFL prognostication:

  • Saints at Packers being within a field goal.  Well, 17 field goals.

  • Iggles beating the Cowpies.  I don’t think anyone predicted a blowout for the ‘Boys, so I’ll cut myself some slack here.

  • Bengals staying perfect against the Jags.  Close but no Miami cigar.

  • Chargers over the Steelers on MNF.  If you offered to let the Steelers lose the game, but get to keep Big Ben healthy, they’d give up this game in a heartbeat.

  • Lions over the Ravens in a close game.  Well, if you consider 18 points close, I win this one.

  • 31-28 score for the Pats/Falcons.  Exactly right, if you ignore that team thing.

  • 37-33 score for the Rams/Hawks.  Actual was 37-31, again ignoring the team thang

  • 44 total points for Panthers/Cards.  Bingo.  I predict 27-17, reality is 24-20.

  • Some other close calls: I predict 17-14 in the Jets/Bucs game.  It’s 14-12 with the right team getting the 14.  I predict 20-12 Fins over Bills.  Actual is 20-14 Bills.

Lessons learned:
  • Betting on NFL pointspreads = -EV.  Prognosticating = Priceless.  And worth every penny.  Like David Letterman says, “You gets your money’s worth”.

  • Oh, and went 3-0 in my various FFLs.  God Bless Tom Brady.

  • And Steve Smith.

  • The 49ers suck.  This is a recording….


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