Thursday, October 06, 2005

Cash flow

Y’know, it’s nice when one of your vices can pay for another.  It makes for a happy, symbiotic relationship between my poker play and my fantasy sports obsessions.  I’ve become my own cottage industry, taking money won from various fantasy football leagues and funneling it into poker sites.  Taking poker winnings and refinancing the next fantasy baseball league…  and so on.  I occasionally pull cash from the accounts, just to prove that I can.

It’s self-sustaining, and seems to be growing.  What’s even better is that the consistent positive cash flow from the various ventures means that it is (relatively) exempt from spousal scrutiny.  The funds haven’t need replenishment in years.  I have money moldering in Neteller and Paypal that will only be used if I suffer a long losing streak either in fantasy sports or poker or both, and none of these scenarios seems imminent.

Even so, I probably won’t re-up any funds.  If I start losing consistently, I’ll just stop.  Just.  Like.  That.  One of the key disciplines to any form of gambling (even “informed” gambling) is the discipline to QUIT when the quitting is good.  I would have no trouble shifting gears into video and computer games when the poker/fantasy well runs dry.  I’m not an “action” junkie.  I’m big on “winning”.  If I ain’t winning, I ain’t having fun.

I hope PokerStars really is going to weed down the field for the “Blogger” tournament.  Seriously, even if one takes Iggy’s prodigious blogroll, there ain’t anywhere near 700 poker bloggers out there.  It would be a damn shame if PokerStars were to offer such a sweet package as a service to a specific group, and some poacher(s) were to take down the big prize(s).  It would be like someone from Hawaii jumping into line in Louisiana for some free blankets.  (ok, so analogies aren’t my forte, but you get my point).

Speaking of PokerStars, the bankroll is up to $500 now (from a deposited $150 less than a month ago).  Won another 18-seater last night.  I think I can safely consider myself a pretty decent two-table, low buy-in SnG player at this point.  Granted, that’s like being a really good miniature golfer, but as long as it is profitable, I’ll keep rolling the ball into the dragon’s mouth and through the windmill, and leave the chipping and driving to the big boys.


At 12:00 PM, Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

"This is an exclusive FREE poker tournament open ONLY to Internet bloggers of all topics."

It's the

"Online Poker" "Blogger Championship"


"Online" "Poker Blogger Championship"


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