Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Hey, here’s a little hint for those husbands/dads who have been getting grief for playing “too much online poker” and heard the “you’re not spending enough time with your family” rant.  

Nuke some popcorn, gather the family in front of the TV, and let your wife and kids see the last episode of the WSOP.  Especially the money presentation.  Heck, even the final table bustouts are a goldmine of peace-and-quiet equity.  After all, how many times are we going to see the words “Ninth Place = $1,000,000”?  If you’re ignoring the family while sitting at your computer, tell wifey that you’re in a qualifier that could get you to the WSOP.  After she sees the frickin’ mountain of cash piled on the table, and she hears about how amateur Steve Danneman is now a multi-millionaire, you should get a lot of leeway when it comes to playing online.

NFL hits :

  • Cards at Rams – This one could get ugly.  The Rams will be in a surly mood after basically conceding the division to the Seadogs last week.  Bulger and Holt will be back on the same page.  And the Cards just plain suck.  34-10

  • Lions at Cowboys – Yow, I wouldn’t touch this one with a ten-foot pole.  Both teams are wildly inconsistent with schizophrenic quarterbacking.  Cowboys might have a letdown game, and I believe in going with the team with more to lose.  If Harrington starts, Lions 24-21.  If Garcia starts, Lions 27-20.

  • Jags at Titans – Why are the Titans even playing anymore?  At least the 49ers can claim that they’re trying to develop young talent.  The Titans keep trotting Steve McNair out there.  Well, it ain’t working.  Jags 23-10

  • Saints at Patriots – The Pats seem determined to play every game close, even when the opposing team has no business being out there.  Like this week.  The Saints might as well wear FedEx stickers because they’ve been mailing it in all year.  Pats 30-24.

  • Iggles at Giants – Let’s see, the Iggles have Bryant Westbrook and… um, well…. Nobody.  And Tiki Barber is > Bryant Westbrook.  Coughlin will have the Giants pissed off and ready to roll.  34-13.

  • Panthers at Bearss – Chicago, meet a real NFL team.  The Syracuse-esque schedule against Division III Girls schools is over.  The only thing keeping the score down in this one is the fact that the Bearss won’t try to throw.  Panthers 27-14.

  • Dolphins at Browns – Ummm, is there a good reason to actually play this one and not just let computers Sim the game?  Score will be 20-17.  Nobody cares who wins this except for Matt Leinart who’ll go to the loser.

  • Raiders at Skins – Touchdowns back and forth.  Moss vs Moss.  If the over is less than 50, take it.  I predict 65 points, 34-31 with the last score on a long figgie as time expires.

  • Bucs at Falcons – A key battle for the wildcard.  I’m betting that the Chris Simms explosion last week was an anomaly, and he’ll go back to being a blonde Marinovich.  And the Falcons will prove that they don’t need TO.  31-17.

  • Steelers at Ravens – We all know that if Bill Cowher took the Ravens seriously, he’d have Big Ben in the game.  Since he doesn’t, we’ll assume that he knows that the Ravens have QUIT on the year.  Steelers 27-13.

  • Seahawks at 49ers – Classic trap game for the Seahawks.  Their overconfidence will cost them dearly as they only beat the hapless 49ers 31-13.

  • Colts at Bengals – The dream ends here.  Carson steps up and fires three TDs.  Marvin knows how to shut down Peyton, well, at least slow him down.  You heard it here first.  Bengals 28-20.

  • Jets at Broncos – What’s the over/under on Tatum Bell?  I say 125 yards.  The only reason it’s that low is that he’ll only play three quarters before they pull him.  Broncos will wipe them out 27-7.

  • Bills at Chargers – See previous comment, but sub LT for Tatum Bell.  Chargers 31-10.

  • Chiefs at Texans – Ooooh, ESPN must love this one.  The WSOP reruns will have better ratings.  Chiefs 23-17.

  • Vikings at Packers – Another Favre lovefest.  Yuck.  I hope SpikeTV is showing America’s Dumbest Criminals or Great Police Chases.  Anything but Madden gargling with Brett Favre’s DNA.  Vikings will win though 20-14.

Oh, and RIP, Eddie Guerrero.


At 5:53 AM, Blogger MVilla888 said...

Indeed...RIP Eddie.

At 2:25 PM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

The over/under on ESPN/ABC mentioning Farve's record at Lambeau with the temp under 20 degrees = 14

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Ignatious said...

wow, hope you're right about the bungals. i don't think they're their yet, tho.

mebbe if we get out of the gate fast, there's a chance. not to mention stopping james. which is dubious, at best.


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