Thursday, November 10, 2005

Play like the pros?

Methinks that poker sites need to promote their Sit-and-Go tournaments more vigorously.  SnG traffic at FTP seems down, and I’m not sure why.  SnGs provide a much more intense rush than the grinding of the limit tables, yet only have a fraction of the players.  In less than an hour, you can make 4-5x your buy-in at a single table!  You can push ALL-IN just like the pros do!  One out of every three players profits!

I honestly think that many of the players currently laboring in the trenches of $1/$2 or $2/$4 would be better served trying their luck and testing their skill at the $10-$20 SnGs.  You are automatically limiting your losses for a given time period.  You can make 300-400% ROI for an hour’s work.  You’re not slave to the rake.  Theoretically, if you play at a limit table, EVERYONE CAN LOSE!  If everyone wins the same pots and the same number of hands, everyone loses to the rake.  That’s insane.

Poker sites that advertise during the WSOP or WPT need to figure this out.  Many of the newbies who grew up playing nickel/dime/quarter are just itching to try tournament poker and push big stacks of virtual chips all-in.  Why not publicize their SnGs?!  “We have single and double table Sit-and-Go tournaments where you can end up with everyone’s chips at the end!” or “You can play at the FINAL table every time at our Sit-and-Go tournaments!”.  They can have ladder play in head-to-head SnGs.  There are about a zillion ways for them to increase SnG traffic.

Geez, someone needs to hire me to design these campaigns.


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