Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Return to Full Tilt

I made my return to FTP a successful one last night, picking off an $20+2 18-seater for a quick $122 profit (not counting the $.85 towards my bonus account).  Play was unremarkable, in fact, my daughter played some of it while I was indisposed.  OK, I had to take a crap, and my son wasn’t home at the time.  Oh, and she’s ten years old.

What a great Dad I am!

Anyway, I had three major reasons for re-upping with FTP.  One, that banner ad right over there (====>) adds a guilt factor, which I suppose is at least part of the reason they asked me (and will pay me) to put it up.  Two, they have a relatively easy 50% bonus to clear.  Like I mentioned, the bonus fund gets kicked by $.85 for each $20 SnG, which effectively brings the vig down to less than six percent.  Three, the Party breakup has people (donkeys, fish, all manners of wildlife) searching for new sites with traffic and FTP is probably going to be the biggest recipient of the increased traffic, partially because of the WSOP success of Matusow and Ivey and partially because of the Learn from the Pros show.  I always like to be there when a site starts to get their legs due to the increased volume of marginal players.  

Since I play primarily NLHE SnGs (I hesitate to say “specialize” because that implies a higher level of skill), I probably won’t be trying any of the lesser traveled SnG paths (Razz, 7-stud) until they fill up more quickly.  I like to SIT and GO within an hour or so, which is why I like Turbo SnGs .  The 18-seater last night took 1.5 hours since FTP doesn’t offer faster blind structures.  On the plus side, the longer blinds mean that an adorable fifth-grade girl can maintain a stack without bleeding chips away while her father unloads a day’s worth of fast food.

Full Tilt releases their boni every $10, so it looks like playing twelve $20+2 SnGs will net me $10 in virtual kickbacks.  One thing though…  I’d really like to have the option of installing my South Park doppelganger as my FTP “image”.  I think I put up an elephant (being a good Republican and all).  It would seem easy to permit more personal images assuming they limit the memory space needed and censor any, um, questionable images…  but hell, what do I know?

p.s. Penthouse was 1st to offer the Panther cheerleaders a photo spread.  Stay tuned for details on this important story!


At 11:26 AM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

I hope it was the blonde cheerleader.


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