Thursday, March 09, 2006

Have you ever run into an old girlfriend? Someone that may have dumped you and been consigned to "that bitch" status. You remember her as being kinda cute, but not earth-shatteringly gorgeous, primarily as a defense mechanism. I had a moment like that tonight.

Party GAVE me $25. Just handed it over. Like an old girlfriend who you run into. Either she got better looking than you remember, or she always looked this good, but your bitterness made her less attractive in your memory.

I've been playing exclusively Full Tilt (Horse and NLHE) and PokerStars (Turbo). Party had been relegated to the dusty recesses of my bankroll. The last time they handed me money, I cashed out net positive by playing nothing but SnGs and not even pretending to try to play the required raked hands. I let them take their $25 back after cashing out over $100 up.

And now they're back. With more money. So... I figured I'd try four $6 SnGs, just to see what would come of it. And I won the first one pretty easily.

So it was like running into that old girlfriend and getting a quick handjob for old times. Not quite as good as a hummer or a roll in the hay, but it'll scratch the itch for a little while. Of course, I'll look them up again, just to see if I can work my way up to that roll in the hay. And I'm free rolling for it, which is the best way.


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