Saturday, February 25, 2006


Not sure it matters to anyone in particular, but I won my second straight $10+1 HORSE SnG on FullTilt. And, I’m still not totally sure what order these damn games are played in. The different games seem to keep my interest piqued and I’m pretty sure that the other players are even more clueless than I am. This may become a regular SnG for me while the learning curve is still lagging behind me. Of course, once I dump a few straight entries, I’ll have to find some other game that hasn’t caught on… like Triple Draw.

Side note: I know a lot of you swear by poker books... SuperSystem, Sklansky, Harrington... One book I picked up in the store that seemed to be a more interesting read was Phil Gordon's Little Green Book. It seems to be less of a basic strategy than a tutorial on critical thinking. I would argue that SS, Sklansky, and maybe Hellmuth are defined strategy books, almost a poker philosophy telling you how to play. The LGB reads more like a Mensa book, intended to encourage thought and planning during the round and during a given hand. FWIW, it's closer to the way I approach things in general.

p.s. I didn't buy it, but I read several pages.


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Love it!


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