Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Effing rain...

BONUS ENTRY - OK, since everyone is on the Poker Champ gravy train, here's my two cents. It probably isn't someone who's been actively blogging about poker. There's just too much damn content. The guy is articulate, uses correct punctuation, uses verbs consistently without mixing tenses, and writes bad prose deliberately (a pretty tough skill). There are a couple of possible identities, several have mentioned Daddy. To be honest, the prose is too measured for Daddy, his version of Poker Champ would've been much more profane and more of a caricature. No, my best guess is a name that's been missing from the poker world for a while now... The Fat Guy. The writing skills are there, the lack of poker blogging, the knowledge of the poker blogging community, the knowledge of the vernacular, as well as the skill to use to effectively. Nope, gotta be the Fat Guy. Unless I'm wrong, then it's him

- Welcome to effing Seattle South. It’s rained 35 out of the last 40 days here. My son’s baseball team has had seven games rained out already. Yesterday, they were scheduled to play an international exhibition game against a team from Lithuania and got rained out, so the league had a pizza party for them. I told the league director we should’ve had t-shirts printed that said “I went 6000 miles to play ball, and all I got was pizza and a t-shirt”. She didn’t think it was funny.

- My daughter hasn’t even played a freakin’ game yet, so she technically hasn’t made her softball debut. In other disturbing news (for a father), my wife told me that my daughter is wearing a training bra now. Sigh. Time to sharpen my samurai sword.

- Mrs. Commish is out of town for the week, taking a training class in Chicago. I suggested that I could ask DP for some good restaurants around her hotel, but she just said, “Why the hell would I want to go to a strip club?” Smart lady.

- Did anyone even watch the Florida-UCLA game last night? Once I got word that I cashed in Pauly’s pool, I stopped caring. I got a glimpse of the game while I was flipping between the Giants opener and the Sharks game. I would’ve been much more interested to see the two cheerleading squads mudwrestle for the title. Thank god it wasn’t Duke vs. Stanford. Those SATs really ugly up a cheerleading squad.

- No more Dick Vitale. Thank god.

- Some schmuck threw a syringe at Barry Bonds yesterday. Don’t they know that the cream and the clear aren’t injected? One is a topical balm, the other is absorbed under the tongue. Hecklers need to do more research. If you really want to bug him, wave signs about his first wife or his alcoholic father. Now I’ve seen him get REALLY pissed about those subjects.

- Brett Favre, Roger Clemens. Quit. Now.

- With the Mrs. out of town, you’d think that I’d be playing more poker. Well, that was the plan. I played a $25+2 two-tabler at RiverStars and after being shortstacked after losing consecutive AK vs. pocket pair races, fought my way back to the final five. I played a hand exactly right and lost. I picked up pocket tens in BB, one limper UTG and SB completed. I kicked to 4xBB to isolate and the limper pushed. Right here I’m pretty sure he has a small-to-medium pocket pair and he thinks he’s racing against a big Ace. SB folded, and I have to decide if the pusher would limp with JJ or higher. I guess right and call his pocket fours. Flop is blank, turn is blank, river is… FOUR. Instead of a HUGE chip lead in the final four, I’m forced to push from SB with 63s. I’m tilting big time (plus the Sharks are in overtime), so I swear off poker for the night.

- What’s with all of these obscure poker sites running televised poker tournaments? Are there really enough lousy poker players to keep these sites going? Is it worth buying the airtime to televise some nobodies playing bad poker? Does it really increase their deposits? Why am I asking so many rhetorical questions?

- Is anyone planning to watch the Barry Bonds reality show? I’m a freakin’ Giants fan, and I have no interest. I can’t imagine the disinterest in the rest of the country.

- Rain rain go away. Come again... NEVAH!


At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Johnny FlopBoot said...

I don't watch reality TV period, but I won't even tune into this crap out of curiosity.

I'm so tired of hearing about Bonds. He is the greatest player I have ever seen, and will most likely break the HR record, but I don't care a bit about anything else. I wish someone in an executive position at the 4-letter would just decide, "You know what? Fuck Barry. We're not giving him any more airtime than anyone else in the league. If he hits a HR we'll show it on Sportscenter. Other than that... nothing. Fuck him."

I also hope and pray every year to possibly hear a balanced amount of information regarding every team, and not just a constant sucking of RedSox/Yankees cock... but we all know that won't happen.

At 3:19 PM, Blogger mcSey said...

and now Dr. Pauly has retired too?


At 4:11 PM, Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

At no point did I see you say "I am the Poker Champ"

Interesting. Very interesting.

At 6:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting speculations about Neverbluff, although my most recent post is also quite interesting.


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