Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Not that anyone asked or anything, but Trevor’s pitching stint went reasonably well. Two innings, two runs (both unearned), NO walks, two strikeouts (the same guy twice), and no emotional meltdowns. The biggest problem is that he’s one of the best infielders on the team and having him on the mound means that the fielding behind him immediately suffers. Plays that he would have made easily weren’t made behind him. Luckily, his team had an otherwise easy time with the cellar-dwelling “opposition” and the score was 11-1 before he even took the mound in the top of the fifth. His main problem was that he threw TOO many strikes, allowing the hitters to get very confident and aggressive at the plate. I told him he needs to dust a couple of hitters to keep them loose, and he looked at me like I was nuts. Oh well, maybe the killer instinct will come later… By the way, he was on base three times and scored three runs as the leadoff hitter, so he’s got that going for him.

Dropped two SnGs last night, but wasn’t particularly worried. One was with JJ running into QQ. Eh, it happens. The other was with AQs against KQs turning a king and rivering a flush. Frustrating, but it happens. In retrospect, I should be a little more peeved by it all. After all, I lost $60. That isn’t chicken feed. The Monopoly money aspect of online gambling should really be studied. It just doesn’t FEEL like cash. Losing is less painful than it should be. Then again, at least I’m not John Daly…

Props to the Sharks for getting home-ice advantage for at least one round in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Even when they were reasonably assured of a playoff berth with a week or so to go in the season, they kept pressing forward, knowing that the upsets might come in the opening rounds, hoping to get home-ice. Well, it worked, and because of Edmonton’s spirited run through Detroit, and Dallas’ remarkable collapse to Colorado, the Sharks will be hosting either Colorado or Edmonton in the next round. If Anaheim wins tonight, the Sharks will have home-ice for two consecutive series (assuming they win the first one), but I don’t think the Sharks want any piece of the Oilers right now.

Barry Bonds seems to have found his swing, and it’s odd that SportsCenter keeps making him the lead story all the while talking about how MLB won’t have a celebration when he passes Babe Ruth. Well, moving into second place on any list is noteworthy, but not celebration-worthy, so Selig’s reluctance to give the MLB stamp of approval to a game-stopping presentation isn’t really “news” until Barry approaches Aaron’s record. Oh, and if Barry was taking the same stuff as Rafael Palmeiro, why did it show up for Rafe and not for Barry or Sheff?

Does anyone really believe that the Immigrant-lay-around-and-watch-Oprah day had any impact on the beliefs of American business owners? Does anyone really believe that if you walked up to a Home Depot and offered $20 to some “immigrants” to clean their yard, they would’ve said “No, I’m honoring the Immigrant Work Stoppage”? This was more of a way for some Hispanic lobbyists to get some camera time than a genuine effort to HELP all immigrants. How many Vietnamese immigrants skipped work? Chinese? Canadian? Put it this way, how many non-Hispanic people were interviewed about this? Calling it an “immigrant” issue is disingenuous and misleading. It’s about Mexican immigration. Period. Stop trying to make it seem like there are thousands of Japanese or Dutch refugees flooding our country.


At 6:42 AM, Blogger mcSey said...

Perhaps we should acknowledge that no one would care if white immigrants from the Netherlands were flooding this country.


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