Thursday, April 13, 2006

OK Thursday before Good Friday

I’ve been slacking off poker-wise recently. Not sure why, my balances online are still healthy, my play has been decent, I’m just in a motivational lull right now. Kind of a palate cleansing perhaps, preparatory to the WSOP feast that sure to come.

Won another HORSE SnG on Monday. Seriously, these things are good poker calisthenics for me. It enables me to do the online equivalent of push-ups, jumping jacks, pull-ups, etc., with no real skill development. The play is uniformly horrible, all it takes is a little patience, a lot of paying attention, and about an hour of my time. The DonkeyPuncher sweated me for a little bit and suggested that I move up from the $10+1 wading pools to the $30+3 shark tanks. But why? After all, I’m WINNING about 40% of these and placing/showing in 40% more. While I won’t be buying a Jaguar with my winnings, I can build my poker bankroll quite easily this way, thank you. And it doesn’t seem like work. $30+3? Sounds like work to me…

My brother-in-law asked me if I wanted to play in a local (underground) tournament in a couple of weeks here in the bay area. Apparently, he had won a couple of satellites and had an extra seat to a $300+ buy-in tourney run out of some local warehouse. It was really tempting, but the Boy has baseball, and I’m committed to coaching his team. The depressing thing is that my bro-in-law is a really bad poker player. Really. Really. Bad. As in, I would stake Trevor against him in a freezeout h2h. And he won TWO seats to this thing. God only knows how bad the play would be… Anyway, I asked him to hang on to the seat as long as possible just in case, but I doubt he will.

I’ll be sunning in Phoenix over the Easter weekend with wifey and kids. Since we’ve literally had three solid months of rain, it’ll be nice to get to the desert. Of course, we’ll immediately find some water to play in, but it’s the principle that matters. This way, it’ll be voluntary. It’ll be kayaks and cannonballs, sunscreen and mai-tais, not raincoats and sandbags. Have a good Easter everyone!


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