Thursday, October 21, 2004

Since my baseball predictions have been frickin’ amazing (Boston winning the ALCS with David Ortiz as the MVP, Houston playing St Louis in the NLCS), I am posting my predictions for tonight’s Monty (WPBT IV aka The Iggy Kickoff Tournament). Remember, this IS a competition, this is NOT an exhibition. Please…. Lots of wagering.

FastEddie won’t be able to tilt anyone. Now that we know it’s part of his arsenal, it loses it’s effectiveness. Think about Hellmuth or Arieh throwing a tantrum and the other players just laughing at them.

We’ll top 100 entries once word about Wil leaks out.

A Blogger will win… again.

Wil’s table will have the most chatting, since all the railbirds and players will be angling for a mention in a blog with thousands of readers.

MeanGene will make the final table at the WPBT (this is kinda like saying Dan Harrington will make the final table at the WSOP).

SirFWALGman and BadBlood will bust out early due to their post-ALCS hangovers. Their giddiness will have them going all-in everytime they see red cards.

The Hilton sisters will figure prominently in the hand that busts out Pauly.

The top five :

5. MeanGene – Will lose with a flopped set when a reader rivers a straight.
4. Iggy – Just because it’s bad form to win your own tournament twice in a row.
3. A reader – One that joined because he heard some Star Trek guy was playing
2. Pauly – Just like the Yankees, will start H2H with a big chip lead and watch it crumble away, probably due to the Hilton sisters.
1. Otis – Last tourney was an aberration. Back on the Otis bandwagon.

And me? Let's see, 18th last time would've made the final two tables if not for Pacific's eight-to-a-table structure. I'll be lucky to make top 20 again, especially if my son has to play for more than a few hands. My goal is CASH. Period. See ya there!


At 10:06 PM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Excellent Finish! Congrats!

At 10:33 PM, Blogger MtDewVirus said...

Great playing with you tonight Todd! Congrats on a great tournament!

-Nick (MtDewVirus)


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