Thursday, November 11, 2004

Dammit, it's past 10am now and I haven't had the chance to get started. I scheduled a contractor to come over around 930am and I didn't want to start any SnGs if I'd have to spend 20 minutes away from the table to meet with the contractor. It looks like UB has $20 tournaments after all. I'll start at a $10 and move up immediately if I cash.

YahooIM = ToddCommish

1045am - OK, the contractor is here and I've given him his marching orders.

Sheesh, some really dumb players right now. Playing a six-seat $10 UB Sng and someone went all-in with 2nd pair, no kicker with an ace on the board, doubling up someone else who had two pair. Shit, I hate it when someone else benefits from a stupid player. It skews the whole table dynamic when someone has 2x the chips early. I'm treading water at level two, no hands to speak of.

1052am - Got a read on the table now. I am definitely one of the two best players here. Just a matter of getting some cards.


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