Monday, November 08, 2004

Maybe the $1500 profit was the result of a great streak of cards… Maybe my second place in the WPBT IV was the result of the planet aligning perfectly for one night… Maybe I’m meant to sit around and play Madden and Splinter Cell on my PC every night instead of pissing money away playing online poker against a bunch of sharks.

Many bloggers have written about bad streaks and dropping hundreds of dollars in a week: I don’t want to do that. I really haven’t bled away that much money in the last month, it just seems that way since I haven’t WON anything. It’s almost like my expectations changed with the WPBT showing, and now treading water ain’t good enough. Placed third in a Pacific 20-seater (+$46), lost a couple of $5 SnGs, and feel like I didn’t win anything.

Oh, and in historical news, I CHECKED POCKET ACES! First time ever for that. And it was entirely the right play. During the Pacific SnG, I was BB (blinds 100/200) with pocket Aces and everyone folded to the shortstacked SB who completed his blind with a good portion of his stack, leaving him with 300 chips. Raising here would be pointless, because he would fold a marginal hand, and he would’ve gone all-in originally with a good one, so I smooth-checked. Flop was J-high rags and he came out firing all-in, either trying to steal the pot or with the jack pair. Of course I called and of course I never saw his hand (it is Pacific, you know), and of course I busted him out. In this case, checking the pocket rockets was the best play because it represented my best chance to take all of his chips. [Jack Palance voice] Believe it…. Or not.

DonkeyPuncher talked me into sliding a small chunk of money back into UB. I had $40+ just moldering in Neteller, so I figured WTF and moved it over. Funny, but the play seemed really really really slow compared to the all-in cowboys at Empire/Party/Pacific. I don’t think I have the attention span to compete at UB anymore, though the interface and tournament structure remains the best. Just one more option for me.

Todd’s Last Stand – Still formulating a plan for Thursday’s SnG Bonanza. Right now, I have $130 in Pacific, and around $40-50 at Empire, PokerStars, and UB. My current plan is to play $10-20 SnGs starting Thursday until I build a site bankroll of $120 (or bust). Take the money and play a $100+9 at every possible site. Cashing in any two of these would net me $500. Cashing at all four sites would kick my overall bankroll over $1000 (yeah, right). If I bust out at all four sites, that’ll be it for the time being. I’ll be done with online poker for a forced hiatus. Should be exciting. Or tragic.

Football news bulletin: The 49ers suck.
Basketball news bulletin: The Warriors suck.
Hockey news bulletin: The NHLPA sucks.


At 11:05 AM, Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

Please create a schedule of when you'll be at each gaming site. If you could schedule your UB and Party appearances for AFTER the OC, that would be swell.

Football news bulletin: After yesterday's victory, the Bears are one game out of the wild card.


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