Thursday, November 11, 2004

SnG #2 - 1140am - Didn't play a hand for three orbits. Note to self: Always do that when the structure allows it. One guy busted really early, one guy got down to the felt. Just busted the small stack and crippled another guy with 76 (small blind special), flopped trip 6's, turned the 7 for the boat. Solid 2nd in chips (2900, 2000, 1000, 100) right now. Blinds 15/30 so there's plenty of play left.

1150am = LOTS of play now. Three guys, three-way tie. Nice.

1200pm - That hurt. I had a bit of chip lead and tried to bust out a player with my JJ, he had AT and spiked an Ace.

Oooh, that's better... Gotta show this one.

tjoles42 is at seat 0 with 2210.
ToddCommish is at seat 1 with 940.
eazystyle09 is at seat 3 with 2850.
The button is at seat 0.
ToddCommish posts the small blind of 20.
eazystyle09 posts the big blind of 40.
tjoles42: -- --
ToddCommish: 8s 8d
eazystyle09: -- --
tjoles42 folds.
ToddCommish raises to 145.
eazystyle09 goes all-in for 2850.
ToddCommish goes all-in for 940.
eazystyle09 is returned 1910 (uncalled).
Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:
ToddCommish shows 8s 8d.
eazystyle09 shows Qd Kc.
Flop (board: Kd 8h Kh): (no action in this round)
Turn (board: Kd 8h Kh 8c): (no action in this round)
River (board: Kd 8h Kh 8c 2c): (no action in this round)

ToddCommish has 8s 8d Kd 8h 8c: four eights.
eazystyle09 has Kc Kd 8h Kh 8c: full house, kings full of eights.

Yahoo! Back in business!

1210 - Head to head. I've cashed. Down 2-1 in chips.
1215 - Lost with Ace pair vs flopped trips. Crud, down -$4 for two games.


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