Monday, April 04, 2005

I’m back from Cancun; tanned, rested, and entirely unmotivated.

Not many Spring Breakers left (read “drunken coeds”) by the time we got there, so it was relatively quiet on the beaches. Snorkeled, ate, body-surfed, drank, boogie-boarded, ate, sunned… basically had a great time with the wife and kids.

Some notable events while we were Cancun-ing:

- Terri Schiavo died. Rest in peace. At least you can. Apparently, all your fricking relatives and multiple groups want to prop you up as some sort of political symbol. I hope there’s a special corner of Hell for all those who try and use someone else’s death to further their own causes and beliefs.

- The Pope died. Rest in peace. A good man, by all accounts. I’m not Catholic (if there was any doubt), but I know a decent human being when I see one. Of course, now the College of Cardinals (Louisville?) is positioning to put either an Italian (to appease the traditionalists) or a South American (to appease the expansionists) into the papacy, proving that religion and politics are constant bedfellows.

- WPBT held another tournament. Props to all those who cashed. Somehow this didn’t make the headlines in the International edition of the Miami Herald.

I had my laptop with me during the trip. I even managed to squeeze in a SnG from Cancun while the rest of my family conked out from a snorkeling trip. I lost, of course, but enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed any SnG. Being on a balcony overlooking the Caribbean tends to assuage the pain of dropping $5.50.

Played (badly) some .25/.50 NL on FullTilt, dropping $13 yesterday. Made that back by winning a $5+.5 SnG on Pacific. Someday I’ll learn to just stick to SnGs. I can’t even count how many times I’ve told myself NOT to play ring games. Oh well.

The SnG win had a hand almost identical to one I had in the WPBT tournament, where I tripled up by going all-in with pocket sixes and beating two Big Slicks. The stacks were roughly 5500-2000-1500 with me in last when that hand came up. It sprung me from last to first in one hand, and once I had the chip lead, I bullied my way to the victory. You know, I think that I could be a steady winner just by playing single-table $5-10 SnGs for the rest of my life. I’d be bored out of my mind, but at least I would be profitable.

Oh, and as the Donkeypuncher mentioned, we had our fantasy baseball draft just before I left. It’s always fun to draft with a bunch of guys who are all from the same region (in this case, Chicago) because they all overvalue the Cubs, and make some spectacularly stupid hometown draft choices (Aramis Ramirez in the second, Carlos Zambrano in the third, Kerry Wood in the fifth, Derrek Lee and Corey Patterson in the eighth).

Gonna spend most of my morning catching up on some blogs, catching up on some emails, catching up with some friends… oh, and doing work.


At 1:03 PM, Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

Derrek Lee with the 8th round is not unreasonable. Fantasy Sports magazine has him 33rd, Sportsline 75, and the service I used had him at 46.


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