Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ahhh, the stink of corporate desperation is in the air. PartyPoker has now coughed up a $20-thank-you-for-breathing bonus, similar to the EmpirePoker $10-thank-you-for-not-being-a-bonus-whore bonus. It’s funny how they will just throw money to get me to revisit their skin, especially since I am a net-minus player for them (withdrawn more than I’ve deposited). And similar to the Empire offer, I have to complete a bunch of raked hands to “keep” the bonus money.

Fine and dandy, assuming I feel like doing that. Which I don’t. If you remember (or even if you don’t… ), I had several options for using Empire’s $10. I chose to play $.5/1 Hold’Em for a few hands, try to double up, and use the money for SnGs. And it worked. Y’know, sometimes I forget just how bad the low limit players are at the Party skins. It took almost no time to turn the $10 into $23. I stopped there, figuring that $23 was good enough to fund one $10+1 and two $5+1. And guess what? First try, I won the $10 SnG to boost my previously dormant bankroll to over $60. Now, I really don’t give a shit if Empire comes around asking for their money back.

I’ll probably use the exact same strategy for the Party bonus. Try a few orbits of $.5/1 and look for an opportunity to make a quick hit-and-run for an additional $15-20. Parlay that money in the SnG barrel for a quick bankroll. If it works, fine. If it doesn’t, fine.

It’s funny though… I’ve found that I really like these hit-and-run sessions. I fold, fold, fold and wait for either a premium hand or a good drawing hand in late position. While I’m folding, I’m watching the hands that make it to showdown, noting who will play any ace, small pairs, two-gappers, and in what position. Most of the $.5/1 tables have five or six limpers who are perfectly willing to call a preflop raise, so you’ll get paid off handsomely for your patience. Several players seem to be Chad-ites who think that Ax is worth seeing to the river, as are small pairs even with paint on the board. Multiple times, I showed down top pair with a high kicker to beat small unimproved pockets. I have NFI why they would stay in with 88 with KJx on the board for that 2/46 shot, but I’m willing to make them pay for it.

Once a few of the Chad-ites have busted and left, I’ll wait for the blinds then I’ll leave too. Think about it. If you have crappy players getting up and leaving, the odds are that the replacement players will be BETTER (not necessarily good, but better), making the table incrementally tougher. You’re better off seeking out fresher hunting grounds.

I’m still waiting for my company to suddenly offer me a $20-for-sitting-at-your-desk-writing-a-blog bonus or a $10-for-managing-your-rotisserie-baseball-team bonus. Oh well, look for me at Party for the next week at $.5/1 or $10+1 SnGs where I’ll be playing with the house money… again. And again.


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