Thursday, May 05, 2005

Some quick hits:

- Didn’t cash in a SnG last night. With six left in a two-table SnG with a low-medium stack, I raised 4xBB from UTG with AK of diamonds. BB calls and sees a T88 flop with two diamonds. I push. Turns out he called my preflop raise with T4o. Of course, my diamond doesn’t arrive and I’m out. Y’know, I’d almost be OK with it if he had 22 or JT, because that MIGHT have merited a call of a 4x preflop raise… but T4o?!

- It might be interesting to have a special tournament where every winning/calling hand MUST be shown at the end. I think it would be entertaining for railbirds and challenging for the players. We’re spoiled by the HoleCams on televised poker, and I’d love to see all the hands just like we do on the telly.

- Is anyone else sick of ubiquitous Eric Clapton commercials for SBC? Jeez, if you’re rushing to get high-speed Internet access just to get “Layla” ringtones, or to get video streams of “Layla”, or get tracks of “You Look Wonderful Tonight” to annoy your wife,… well, you’re a frickin’ loser.

- It’s about time Scott Savol got booted. He can sing better than Federov, but I don’t think the word “Idol” should be used for a girlfriend beater. And what is it with fat, white guys who adopt the hip-hop culture and start talking like gangstas?

- Netflix rules. Worth every penny. Their distribution system is amazing. Send a DVD back on Monday, get a new one by Thursday. Great way to catch up on theatrical releases you missed in 2004 or favorites from when you were in high school.

- Fox’s Poker Superstars II is the worst televised poker event ever. Every hand they show is an all-in hand. Ridiculous. And it’s not poker anymore than ESPN’s lame ass Blind Man’s Bluff during the WSOP.

- Funny, because Fox also had the best poker event ever. Last year’s live telecast of the American Poker Championships (Ivey vs. D’Agostino) was riveting to watch. We saw every hand, every bet, every bluff, every laydown. Much better than the all-in crapfest that is PS2.


At 11:14 AM, Blogger Human Head said...

NetFlix is the greatest thing to ever happen, and unlike BlockBuster, there really are no late fees!

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