Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hit ‘n’ Run thoughts

- That asshole father in Illinois confessed to beating and stabbing and killing his daughter and her best friend in a rage when she refused to come home when he demanded. No matter how you spin this, this guy should be killed… now. Don’t even try to justify keeping this filth alive. Cut him up, sell his body parts on Ebay, feed him to the guard dogs, I don’t care, just ELIMINATE HIM.

- Thank God Romber lost in The Amazing Race. That guy is the biggest weasel in reality TV history, especially given that he’s slithered through three different shows and shown no compunction about lying, cheating, and deceiving. On the other hand, Amber… yum.

- Seal and Heidi Klum?

- Jennifer Garner, I’ll give you one more chance to dump the bum.

- Onomatopoeia. I just wanted to write that once.

- OK, now that the Giants have DL’ed their top position player, top starter, and top reliever, I think the season can officially be called a “rebuilding” year. Is it football season yet?

- Can we petition ESPN to take Norman Chad off of the six-month-tape-delay broadcasts of the WSOP? He's not funny, he's not knowledgeable, he's not insightful... he's just an ass. Hell, I'd rather listen to a drunken Dave Foley and Phil Gordon... or an all-too-sober VVP and Mike Sexton...

- Is Shana Hiatt's departure from the WPT broadcasts a parallel to David Caruso leaving NYPD Blue? Or a Sherry Stringfield (who left ER and came crawling back a couple of years later)?

- And ER is still on the air?!


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