Thursday, June 02, 2005

Well, I’m now freerolling at both Party and Empire. They’ve taken back their bonus bucks after letting me play with house money for a week or so. The result? I have over $50 at each site, after leaving my accounts dormant for months. Small potatoes, sure, but FREE potatoes.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the Vegas reports, anxious to hear which blogger will make the televised final table of Event #2. Maybe bloggers will even get an edition of “The Nuts” and an interview with the execrable Norman Chad. I’ll put up $50 to any blogger who pukes on Chad, but video or photographic evidence is required.

Bubbled in a SnG with AA making a set on the flop and losing to a rivered flush that didn’t have pot odds to call the flop bet. Oh well. You play at Party to increase your EV, and you’re gonna take it in the ass sometimes. If you make EVERY play correctly, you can still lose to Lady Luck.

Speaking of that, I kinda liked hearing Raymer’s commentary on the final table for last year’s main event. He pointed out some of the thought processes that led him to make some of the decisions (good and bad), and the table sense of his opponent’s play. It would be nice to have that in the future rather than the Lon and Norman Show.

Also, it might be fun if we could have a live blogger video feed of the final table of the WPBT event. Has anyone considered this? Or at least a chat room...?


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