Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Potpourri –

- Regarding the ACH/BG babe debate… and one man’s thoughts. Remember, I talked about several of these back in October.

Fifties – Marilyn Monroe – Sheesh, no mention at all of the defining babe of the 50’s?
Sixties – Barbara Eden – Give her that costume and have her call me “Master” and I can think of a few dozen commands I’d give her.
Seventies – Cheryl Ladd – I’m noticing a trend of blondes here…
Eighties – Phoebe Cates – Gotta side with BG here. That red bikini should be in the Babe Hall of Fame. As should those breasts.
Nineties – Heather Locklear – C’mon guys. Don’t tell me you watched Melrose Place to see Andrew Shue…
Oughts – Jessica Alba – Here I join with ACH and Donkeypuncher worshipping at the Temple of the Dark Angel.

- Message to all of Philly regarding T.O. – I. Told. You. So.

- Almost time for my annual football preview posts. Preview of my Super Bowl prediction: The 49ers won’t be there.

- If the A’s win the West, expect the final play from yesterday’s game to be a prominent part of the highlight DVD. And keep Frankie Rodriguez from seeing any stories about Donnie Moore.

- Can we say last week was a bad week for the media? Kenny Rogers getting his suspension hacked down by an inebriated arbiter and KNBR (the local sports talk radio station) getting three people whacked because Felipe Alou blows a gasket over a MINOR incident.

- Props to the kid in Yankee Stadium for standing up for his right to be a complete asshat. Diving into a net takes daring, guts, and a .20 blood alcohol level.

- Note to Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran. “I got it” is one of the first things I teach my outfielders.


At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Jim J. said...

I actaully appreciate Jeff Garcia, Steve Mariucci and Greg Knapp for what they had to put up with when playing with/coaching T.O. As an Eagles fan I was real fired up about him coming in, but obviously he has turned this team into a traveling circus. Makes me kind of wish Johnnie Morton was our number one receiver...okay, maybe it's not THAT bad!!

At 6:37 PM, Blogger skitch said...

Was just passed on this link, for T.O.:


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