Thursday, September 22, 2005


Lost (in more ways than one)

Dropped to 6th place in my (now) nightly 18-seater on RiverStars.  Was one of three shortstacks and got 77 in CO.  Pushed all-in with about 3.5 BB and was called by JT.  Flop AK2, turn 3, river Q for Broadway.  Sigh.  10 outs twice after the flop for him means it wasn’t really a bad beat, but it still sucked.  I have full confidence that I would’ve finished in the top three had I won that hand.  So, the payoff on that coinflip would’ve been 3.5-1.  Good implied odds on my side.

Lost premiere was pretty cool.  I still think they’re just making up shit week to week with no clue where they’re going at the end of the season.  The “quarantine” bomb shelter is completely fubar, especially since the French psycho-broad had supposed been on the island for fifteen years, and the guy living down there had seen Jack during the last year.  Plus the plant growth over the hatch when Boone and Locke found it indicated that it had been buried for a long time.  I’m waiting for the “it was all a dream and Bobby Ewing is still alive and Bob Hartley is still with Emily” revelation.

Invasion was bad, dumb, and insensitive.  Debuting a show that starts with a hurricane as a coverup for an alien invasion is already dumb from an rational standpoint, but doing it less than a month after a deadly hurricane and two days before another potentially devastating hurricane is bordering on tasteless and morbid.  ABC, would you show the Day After right after a nuclear war?  Or JFK after a political assassination?  Ghouls.

Oh, and my new hero is Scott Burke.  If you don’t know who he is, you weren’t watching the news last night around 6pm Pacific time.  He was the pilot of the JetBlue plane that landed at LAX despite having a busted nose landing gear.  With 150 lives riding on his wings, he nailed the landing.  Abso-tively frickin’ stuck it.  I don’t want to hear any more crap about “pressure” free throws, or “pressure” field goals… this was “pressure” LIFE.


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