Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm stunned

I’m stunned.

Sheryl Swoopes is gay.

Just think, a WNBA player, nay, the standard bearer for the entire league…  Gay.


End Sarcasm.

In a similar vein, I’m dumb.  Yup, dumb as a bag o’ hammers.  I was fattening up on PokerStars in various SnGs, 18-seaters primarily, between $25+2 and $15+1.  I had made a 400% profit (bought in for $150, cashed for $400, kept $400 in the account) in about a month.  

Then I got cute.  No, I didn’t try to bump up in buy-ins…  I’m not that dumb.  I started diving into BIGGER pools, trying the $10-30 MTT.  And losing.  And losing some more.  Oh, and losing a little more.

Stupid.  I’ve said many times that every profitable player has a sweet spot in the poker universe, a price or table or structure that works for maximum ROI.  Mine was clearly at the $15-25 Turbo SnGs.  And I drifted away for the (assumed) bigger paydays.  

Now I’m back to my sweet spot.  I pissed away about $200 in poker life lessons before returning, but I made it back nonetheless.  Yesterday, I announced my comeback with two second place finishes for a net +$105, getting back half of my tuition.

Note to self:  Listen to self.

NFL notes for the upcoming week:

  • Cards at Cowboys – Ah, nice to see that Drew Bledsoe woke up and is still the Drew we’ve come to know and love.  Unfortunately for all us Cowboy haters, the Cards are worse.  Cowboys 27, Cards 16

  • Browns at Texans – How bad must it be in Houston right now?  On the verge of getting swept by a team that hasn’t won the Series in 90 years, on the verge of becoming the Bucs of the 21st century, hurricanes, pestilence, Sheryl Swoopes’ announcement…  Here’s one for the Houston area, Texans 17, Browns 13.

  • Jags at Rams – Jamie Martin?  Please.  Jags 24, Rams 17.

  • Vikings at Panthers – Love…. Exciting and new…. Come aboard…  we’re expecting you.   The Love Boat soon will be taking another loss.  Set a course for adventure, your mind on a new crack whore…  Panthers 30, Vikings 13.

  • Skins at Giants – Raise your hand if you marked this game on the calendar as a game with major playoff implications.  Uh-huh, thought so.  If the weather is good, this one will go over 50 pts.  Last team with the ball wins 30-27.

  • Bears at Lions – Oh sure, you all laughed when I predicted the Lions would win the division.  Now, with Garcia running the offense… they still look shaky.  Anyway, a team can’t win consistently scoring only 10-13 pts every week.  Oh, both teams are like that?  Well, someone has to win.  Lions 16, Bears 13.

  • Packers at Bengals – Statement game from the Bungles.  Against a team that can’t defend the pass, Palmer will go for 300+ and 3 tds.  Favre may just throw 50+ times in this one trying to keep up.  Bengals 34, Packers 20

  • Raiders at Titans – Should be a lot like the Raiders vs the Bills last week except the Titans aren’t as good.  Can you name three people on the Titans other than Steve McNair?  Raiders 24, Titans 10

  • Dolphins at Saints – Oh, how nice.  This is like Hiroshima vs. Nagasaki.  (I’m Japanese, so I can say shit like that).  Where are they playing this one anyway?  Oh well, I’ll go TMQ generic and say Saints 20, Fins 17.

  • Chiefs at Bolts – It ought to be fun to watch the Chiefs try to do what the Iggles did last week to LT without the personnel.  LT left, LT right, LT in the endzone.  Priest left, Priest right, Priest stopped at the ten.  It’ll come down to finishing drives in the red zone.  The Chargers are the best in football at that.  Chargers 31, Chiefs 23

  • Iggles at Broncos – I keep waiting for Jake Plummer to start acting like Jake Plummer.  Maybe this is the week.  The Iggles seem to be in a run-and-shoot offense with two running backs, throwing on every down.  Perhaps the loss of Akers makes them feel that they need TDs every drive.  I honestly have no earthly clue how this one will turn out, so I’ll go with Iggles 24, Broncos 23.

  • Bucs at 49ers – The Rattay Bowl.  Honestly, does anyone think that Alex Smith will generate anything against the Buc D?  Bucs 27, 49ers 10.

  • Bills at Pats – Time for the Pats to reel off about nine wins in a row.  Starting with this one.  And it won’t even be close.  Pats 34, Bills 6

  • Ravens at Steelers – I’m probably the only guy around who thinks that the Raven defense is one of most overrated groups in NFL history (along with the 85 Bears and their ONE great season).  ONE year of domination doesn’t equal greatness.  Anyway, Big Ben will pick them apart.  Steelers 30, Ravens 13


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