Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sweet spot

Buy-in, Seats, and Structure.  The poker equivalent of location, location, location.

$15+1 or $25+2, one or two table, Turbo or regular blinds.  That’s where I’m building my strip mall.

Came in 2nd in a $25 single-table last night for a quick +$40.  Played it right, got him to put in all his money on a 3-outer which hit.  That crippled me, and when my KT lost to his 75, it was over.  The $50 delta between 1st and 2nd is pretty wide, so I’m not happy with the bad beat, but there’s only so much you can do at the table.

I think Iggy wrote about Jesus (Ferguson, not Christ) built a $25K bankroll from a $1 stake.  It’s really not that hard to do, given the micro-ante NL tables available.  I built a bankroll of a couple of hundred dollars from some pocket change at the $.01/.02 NL tables, built up to $5.50, and taken to a SnG.  And so on.  And so on.  Seriously, the next time you’re down to the sofa digging change level at a site, seek out the lowest NL table you can find, and play to double up (multiple times).  Take whatever funds you accumulate and hit the cheap SnG tables.  You’d be amazed how that throwaway money can become an honest-to-goodness poker stake in a few hours.  And if you lose it, it’s no big deal.  You probably have that much under your car seat.

Other Sports Stuff

The White Sox won.  BFD.  Just gives the lower rungs of the Windy City an excuse to riot.  Over/under on deaths is four.

Sony gave Michelle Wie a sponsor’s exemption to the PGA Sony Tournament next year.  Can you say “publicity stunt”?  She can’t even win on the LPGA tour, and they’re giving her an exemption into a men’s event?  I hope she shoots back to back 80’s and gets caught making another illegal drop.  Her hype machine has reached the ridiculous stage, especially for someone that (1) hasn’t won anything, and (2) cheats.  Let’s see her win an LPGA tournament before we anoint her.  

Quick hypothetical question:  Is she was white, would we be hearing all this hype?  I say no.  Corporate America (read: middle-aged fat white guys) has always been fascinated with Asian women.  Oooh, exotic, mysterious…  Right now, all Michelle Wie can do is drive a golf ball farther than other women.  Realistically then, she is an Asian Laura Davies minus the victories.  Yes, I know she’s 16, and everyone points to her potential.  But why hype potential?  Why not hype ACCOMPLISHMENTS?!  

This is what’s wrong with the media.  The media tries to pre-empt actual results (see 2000 Presidential election results) with predictions, and not wait to see how things really are.  Right now, Michelle Wie is the golf equivalent of Alex Smith.  Unlimited potential, minimal accomplishment.  Alex Smith is pilloried, Michelle Wie is praised.  Alex Smith is part of a terrible team and has little or no chance to win because of the crappy supporting cast, Michelle Wie is in a solo sport and still can’t win.  Let’s wait on both of them, shall we?

In the meantime, check this out and compare it to this.  On a purely aesthetic note, Paula Creamer is way cuter.  If you say otherwise, you’re probably one of those middle aged, white guys that are pre-disposed to Asian women.


At 9:52 PM, Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

Asian girls are gross.

At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Asian girls taste good


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