Friday, February 17, 2006

WTG, Lindsey!

There may never be another showboating fuck-up of this magnitude.

Lindsey Jacobellis. Olympic dumbass.

Oh sure, you’ll see the networks scrambling for footage of Leon Lett showboating in the Super Bowl or Willie Shoemaker standing up in the irons too early in the Kentucky Derby or Bugs Bunny losing the race to the turtle. But on an individual level, nothing else comes close.

After all, Lett’s Cowboys won the Super Bowl. Shoemaker won the Kentucky Derby many times, before and after. Bugs Bunny went on to star in movies, on television, and got his own line of chewable vitamins. Seriously, I defy you to come up with a more horrendous case of showboating one’s way out of immortality.

Gold medals = Cash endorsements, talk show gigs (Did anyone else see Hannah Teter on Letterman? What a refreshing kick!), lucrative speaking engagements

Silver medals = Back to Home Depot and the orange apron/bib



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