Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Played in a home game on Saturday with the local baseball/football/lacrosse dads and reaffirmed several things about poker for me:

- I hate limit poker, especially with enough calling stations to give pot odds to just about any two cards

- I have pretty well figured out each one of the players and can make accurate reads about 75% of the time

- Making accurate reads 75% of the time isn’t good enough when a guy calls to the river with Ace-rag and rivers his ace to beat your pocket queens

- Making inaccurate reads 25% of the time can cost you a lot of money when you have flopped trips and lose to a flopped nut straight that passively calls, even on the river

- Pat is a really awful poker player. He dropped $100 for the third time in four home games playing $.5/1. The first thing everyone says when they get a call about a poker game is “Is Pat coming?” Now that’s bad.

- Pyramid Hefeweizen goes well with Tostitos and guacamole.

- A nice exchange for my biggest pot. I flopped the nut straight with 89s, check-raised the flop, check-raised the turn, sighed when the river put the third diamond on board, and checked it down, figuring him for a rivered flush.

Me - “Sigh, your frickin’ rivered flush is good.”
John - “I don’t have a flush”
Me – Spreading my cards, “Then you LOSE”
John – “&%^#&%$#&-er!”

- Bad poker with good friends, good beer, and lots of laughs = win-win, even if I only broke even financially


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