Monday, March 17, 2008 comes through!!!!!

I got my paltry $200 check less than two weeks from the requested processing date, and that's accounting for the times that the post office tried to deliver the registered mail from Singapore when nobody was home. This led to some interesting discussions with Mrs. Commish about "What the hell you'd be getting from Singapore."

She also decided to launch into one of her "gambling obsession" rants, which subsided quickly when I (a) showed her the check, and (b) pointed out that if I had a "gambling obsession", I wouldn't be cashing out.

Oddly, the Cashier portion of said that I'd be getting a "gift card" for the full amount of my withdrawal, which I assumed would be an American Express or Visa/MC type of debit card. Instead, I got a nice tidy check (which I immediately cashed, can't be too careful).

One really cool thing about is the slot machines and table games allow for "play money", so while wifey is watching some show with "model" or "runway", I can be screwing around with my Let It Ride or Caribbean Stud strategies, or simply playing Max Credits on some bizarre slot with 9284759 paylines. It's like a free gaming software... well, not really free because they paid me $200 to load it.

Cheap advertising, whore-like shout-out: If you want to sign up, go to and use my referral code: 1115005. I'll kickback 50% of whatever I make from the referrals back to you.


At 6:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear your cash-out with OM went well... I've been playing their for a couple weeks and have built a decent roll, but today I read some reviews that said they don't pay their cash-outs without trying to screw you. I'm glad to read a positive experience!

And I just discovered your blog, but I like it. You've got a new dork for a reader.


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