Monday, June 20, 2005

Quick sports takes:

· Ummm, memo to Larry Brown: If San Antonio needs a key three-pointer, you might want to cover the best clutch shooter in NBA Finals history.

· Memo to ESPN: Before you anoint Tim Duncan as “The Big Fundamental”, perhaps you should teach him how to shoot free throws. One would guess that those would be part of the fundamentals as well.

· Buy stock in Paula Creamer. While not in Annika Sorenstam’s league golf-wise (no one really is), she has more than enough camera appeal and personality to be a powerful force in the endorsement world, much more so than the gawky, dog-faced Michele Wie. The fact that she’s from my current hometown and was born in the same hospital as my kids has nothing to do with it.

· If you haven’t seen the Donkeypuncher and you’re believing him when he says that he looks like Usher, take it from me… he looks a lot more like Michael Campbell.

· Playing tennis on grass makes as much sense as playing golf on asphalt

· Watched some of the UltimateBet Poker tournament. Wow, was it bad poker! And the commercials with Annie Duke were cheaply made and patronizing (“You can ask questions, and get answers from the best players in the world!”). However, it did point out that there is some spectacularly crappy play at UB and those guys end up being the winners!

· I’m building up my PokerStars account again. I had about a buck festering there a couple of weeks ago. Played the .05/.10 tables until I got it above $3. Played one of their new 5-table $1+.2 MTTs and cashed. Now I’m above $10, a tidy 900% increase! Save me a seat in Vegas!


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